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6Idaho Hydro Electric Power PlantInvestment opportunity ,with land and wild life habitat .
Idaho Hydro Electric Power PlantInvestment opportunity ,with land and wild life habitat .

Bliss, ID

The Ravenscroft Hydro power plant was built in 1983 and went on line January 1984 under contract to Idaho Power. The original project consisted of 3 generators/turbines of varying sizes to accommodate fluctuations in water flow and optimize production. Geographically located about 2 miles to the NE of the old Tuttle township it sits on the east bank of the Malad River upstream before the Malad river makes its' dramatic drop at Malad Gorge. The hydro site is accessed via Shoestring Road which ties Tuttle at I-84 to the Gooding-Wendell Highway (State Highway 46). The project was designed for a base capacity of 3,209,000 Kwh per year. With the addition of the 4th turbine the opportunity for more production is now there, when there is water. The Malad River draws water from: Big Wood and Little Wood Rivers; American Falls and North Side Canal Companies; Silver Creek and local run off. There are 65 + deeded acres that are included in the purchase price along with 44 acres of BLM lease. Of this total 40 to 50 acres are ponds and canal, with great wild life habitat around the ponds ,canal and river. The annual income varies due to water flow. In the last ten years the the highest was 2011 at $251,893.00 and the lowest was in 2007 at $ 187,237.00. This produces an average over the ten years of $220,000. The fixed costs over the same time have averaged between $32,000 and $42,000. Higher expenses correlate with higher production years. These costs do not include any debt repayment or operator`s salary. Average M&O and average repair costs are included. . In the last four years we have put over $250,000.00 back into the power plant in updated equipment; control system; preventative maintenance; facility improvements; sediment removal and added safety features.

Oil- Gas-Distribution Business
$9,500,000Seller Financing
Oil- Gas-Distribution Business


This well established family business started in Idaho in 1958 and has steady growth throughout the years. The purchase price includes 10 Real Estate Properties, Fully Equipped Convenience Stores, Card Lock Locations, a Bulk Plant, The Convenience Stores are Branded with National Companies. They Distribute Engine Oils, Fuels, Gasoline, Heating Systems, Lubricants, Additionally they distribute A Complete Line of Automotive and Truck Aviation Industrial Oils and Coolants, Rotella T. Areoshell products. For Complete Details including Locations of the facilities, Financials, Tax Returns, List of the Fixed Assets, Qualified Buyers are to provide a Confidentiality Agreement with the Listing Broker.

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