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Hookah bars offer a unique opportunity for the creative entrepreneur in that they provide a distinct experience, not just a product. Also known as shisha bars, hookah bars revolve around the communal smoking of flavored tobacco syrup (shisha) from a shared smoking apparatus (narghile). As a Middle East tradition, shisha bars were usually combined with coffee houses and served as places of conversation, daily news, and respite. Roughly 10% of American hookah smokers are of Middle Eastern descent and many shisha bars maintain the cultural connection in décor, coffee service, entertainment and overall ambiance.

In the past decade, hookah bars have gained in popularity among college age residents and young professionals in the 22-35-year-old age range who are looking for alternatives to the bar scene. Despite living in this age of ever-present technology, young people are seeking establishments that encourage meeting and interacting with strangers in a safe environment, face-to-face conversations and novel experiences. Many modern, eclectic hookah bars offer creative variation by combining any number of elements with the smoking of shisha as the centerpiece.

Despite a decline in domestic cigarette use, hookah tobacco market growth is expected to accelerate over the next four years making hookah bars a viable investment, particularly if combined with retail options for shisha and narghiles. Hookah bars do come under the regulation of tobacco retailers and as such, are subject to city and state laws that govern the sale and consumption of tobacco products.

A hookah bar alone, without the addition of food or alcohol, is a low-inventory business requiring relatively few employees and a very simple menu. Most hookah bar owners, however, find the creation of a unique social environment to be the most exciting aspect of this business venture. By combining art displays or belly dancers, flavored oxygen or smoothies; a hookah bar can be a creative canvas for the entrepreneur looking for a business that offers both a popular product and a unique environment. If you are looking to buy a hookah bar or find out about hookah bars for sale near you, BizBuySell has the resources you need to get started.
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