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6Life is Good in Paradise – Black Car Service w/ optional Real EstateALOHA is a Lifestyle but it's not for everyone...
$120,000 Cash Flow: $60,000 Seller Financing
Life is Good in Paradise – Black Car Service w/ optional Real EstateALOHA is a Lifestyle but it's not for everyone...

Honolulu, HI

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live n work in Hawaii? Well it’s not all fun and games but owning an easy-to-operate car service is the next best thing. In all honesty, this business has been more of a hobby than a career. It has been exciting and fun! Meeting people from all over the World has been great! The friendships and memories are Priceless! You will drive VIP’s, celebrities, affluent travelers, tourists, residents, CEO’s, in fact, anyone that comes to Hawaii that is in need of upscale service. Hourly rates: $100 per hour and up. Airport arrival to Waikiki: $190 and up; to the North Shore: $335 and up! Do you excel in customer service? Tips can easily make up 30%-40% of your income. In April 2018, a Guest tipped $600 on a $1000 bill for a 12-hour tour of the island! It has afforded me a comfortable lifestyle for the last 27 years with little to no effort. Save $1000-$1500 month like I have and you will have a nice nest egg in time. They are the most wonderful Clients, Guests, Customers and Tourists. No one comes to Hawaii in a bad mood, that is, until they have to leave! Naturally this business opportunity comes with all of the necessary permits and licenses. Some require transferring, others will be renewed in the new owner's name or business entity as they come up for renewal. This is neither a get-rich-fast scheme or a business that’s raking in the millions. It is a turn key, established operation that would make a great starter business, a business that could easily grow with a new owner’s passion/direction or something for a retired person or couple to offset the high cost of living in Hawaii. Owner financing is available for both the business and the house. To be considered for this opportunity, please have a Net Worth or Combined Net Worth of $600,000 if interested in the business and real property. For the business only, I will consider owner financing with a 50% down payment. The remaining 50% balance can be repaid with interest over 24-60 months..

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