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6Once in a Lifetime Hawaii Lifestyle Biz: 75 Years EstablishedHouse, Business, Offices, Athletic Field, Banana Crops - 20 Yr Lease!
$599,000Cash Flow: $120,000Seller Financing
Once in a Lifetime Hawaii Lifestyle Biz: 75 Years EstablishedHouse, Business, Offices, Athletic Field, Banana Crops - 20 Yr Lease!

Honaunau, HI

This is a perfect business for a family owned operator - as we have been. This is a lifestyle property - I hand-built an athletic field from which I hold summer camps each year; ( There is 2.5 acres planted of Apple Bananas and room for all the food you could ever eat. If you stick anything in the ground here in this virgin volcanic soil, it grows phenomenal. There is a Home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths that has been redone in "Old Hawaii" style. There is a business established in 1943 where I am only the 2nd owner! It nets over $120k, and has huge upside for a family run operation. You can add a food delivery system (which no one does here), a call-in order food system, add social media (which Hawaiians love), farmers market on site, packaged food specials, etc. I have been old school. I have been here 20 years, been an entrepreneur for 27 years, and this is an incredible business. I own another store 1 mile up the road, and will be your neighbor. I have two kids in college now, and I cannot keep up with two stores - that is the only reason I am selling. I am very well known in area as being fair, caring for local kids, and serving the local community. You can type in Dusty Boyd, Everest, or Dusty Boyd, West Hawaii and read of what Ive done here in Hawaii. I take Wounded Warriors up Everest, my father was a Navy SEAL; my integrity is solid. I will live one mile from you, as will members of my family. I can't emphasize enough how entrenched we are in this community. I just want one family who wants to change their lives to buy this place. I can finance some, but you must be creditworthy, earnest in your endeavors, and willing to commit to the local community. I have fisherman, farmers, bee-keepers - this is an old school fantastic life, and the People are the best I've ever met in my life. I don't want investors, I don't want an absentee buyer - you must be a family who wants to enjoy this incredible place. Lastly, I am the Owner. You must complete and send me the NDA and Buyers Worksheet, respectfully. I will not answer any questions without them.

Local Restaurant & Convenience Store
Local Restaurant & Convenience Store

Hilo, HI

A very busy convenience store coupled with a large, sit down and take away restaurant supported by a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Kitchen supports food service for convenience store besides the restaurant. Management team in place and cash flow is immediate. Owner will assist with transfer of the retail liquor license. Buyer to negotiate directly with landlord for a new or extended lease for the ground floor only..

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