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Painting Co. - Priced At Less Than 2 Times Discretionary Cash Flow
$550,000 Cash Flow: $310,787
Painting Co. - Priced At Less Than 2 Times Discretionary Cash Flow

Walton County, GA

THE OWNERS WANTED TO TELL THEIR STORY PERSONALLY I started the business around 1982, when my wife had our 3rd child, and I needed to provide for them. I had been working for another painting company that my brothers-in-law worked for, but they weren't providing me with enough work. So I launched out on my own and worked hard to grow and make my customers happy. One of my most loyal customers is one that will never forget how about 20 years ago, we repainted a warehouse at our expense, because the color wasn't quite right, even though it cost me both time and money. He has worked for several large companies over the years and has given us many jobs. I used to do the painting myself, till I realized that I could accomplish much more by managing the jobs and subcontracting out the work. I have had a strong work ethic and do what is necessary to make sure we have satisfied customers. As a result, we have had some customers for over 20 years. My wife has helped me with the books and been a great asset to the business as well. She has learned to be diligent in following up and making sure the company runs successfully. In 2014 we purchased the Plainswift Software to be able to bid new construction jobs using online plans. This has been an invaluable tool, both in bidding jobs and keeping track of the estimated job costs. This also would a new owner be able to bid jobs competitively and also keep track of them.. In the last few years we have written down some of our goals, and held team meetings, which has also been helpful in continuing to grow the business. This keeps the communication open so the team knows what direction we are heading and we can all work together to make it happen more smoothly. For the next owner to grow the business they could hire another salesperson and field foreman. There is tremendous opportunity to take this company to the next level. OUR EMPLOYEES Employee #1 has helped develop the business and acquire new customers. Employee #1 has been a valuable addition in sales and business development as he has helped us land one of our largest ongoing customers. He has faithfully communicated with our customers to make sure they are happy with our work, and continues to bring us new business, as well as maintain our current ones. Employee #2 is very knowledgeable in all aspects of painting, prep work, products, scheduling and successfully completes the jobs. He works hard and can efficiently run a job from start to finish including maintaining his crew, which he does a great job supervising. He is training others to also run a crew, leaving him free to bid new jobs, or oversee others. With his wealth of knowledge of the painting industry Employee #2 has been a valuable asset to our company.

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