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2Senior's Stay-At-Home Modification Co. OPPOSED to a Nursing HMAKING HOMES SAFE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING
Senior's Stay-At-Home Modification Co. OPPOSED to a Nursing HMAKING HOMES SAFE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING

Gwinnett County, GA

Business For SALE - Independent Dealership for a unique full-service company that offers home remodeling, mobility solutions, and products of interest to the aging and infirm population. We are the only national solution provider that combines both medical and construction expertise to provide complete solutions, consisting of both products and services to older adults and those with disabilities; walk-in tubs, ramps; installation, maintenance, repair services, and for all equipment that we sell. We also perform construction tasks such as widening doors, creative professional designs for any area of the home, and total reconstruction/modifications tailored to given budget constraints. Other services, including health care, tech support, home maintenance, and meal delivery may be offered depending upon specific factors in the Dealership market. We have established strong relationships with medical equipment manufacturers which allow Dealers access to better pricing and technical support than other contractors receive. Our Dealers and installers receive thorough, ongoing training on all products and services to ensure the highest level of expertise. Dealers are also provided with marketing materials, CAD plans, and trained to procure and manage service providers. The Dealership is modeled to allow for multiple revenue streams, along with potential residual streams as well. Dealerships are modular to allow for market-specific focus and scaling capability. Detailed training and onboarding processes allow Dealers to open and become successful in a short period of time. No prior experience is necessary to operate this Dealership. Corporate HQ will train new Dealers in all facets of the business. No real estate is required; the Dealership may be operated entirely from home. This is an established location; all required corporate documentation has been filed and registered.

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