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A Chiropractic and Medical-Care Practice
Cash Flow: $472,000
A Chiropractic and Medical-Care Practice

Fulton County, GA

For over 60 years, this chiropractic and medical-care practice has provided quality healthcare services to an area of Metro Atlanta that has, at times, been underserved by the medical profession. Its loyalty to the area has resulted in the Practice becoming a well-recognized and trusted name in chiropractic care. The Practice has also grown its referral network over the years to include personal injury attorneys and other medical professionals that consistently refer patients who have been injured in an accident. Key investment highlights: Potential for significant increases in future revenues – • Continue to build brand recognition in the Community – The area around the Practice’s facility is projected to continue to grow as it gains recognition for easy access to downtown Atlanta, the city’s Interstate highways, and nearby parks and walking paths. Developers have announced plans for significant residential and commercial ventures for the area. As new residents move in, sponsorship and marketing opportunities during activities of local community organizations would keep the practice’s name in front of the business and residential populations. • Increase marketing activities – The Practice’s marketing efforts consist of maintenance of a website and blog, distribution of a monthly email newsletter, incentive programs for referrals from current patients, and exposure on a local radio show. Hiring a dedicated marketing person to implement social media activity, develop community outreach programs, and explore television and radio advertising opportunities would gain greater brand awareness for the Practice across a broader area of Metro Atlanta. • Implementation of electronic medical records software – The Practice does not currently use an EMR system. Implementing such software would gain operational efficiencies by improving scheduling, billing and collections, and patient flow through the care process, all with less human errors than typically found in written records. • Expansion of the facility on existing campus – The Practice owns a number of smaller buildings on its campus which could be converted into offices for medical professionals such as dentists, podiatrists, and orthopedists, all of which could act as referral sources and co-marketing partners. Foundation to support sustained growth – • Recognized brand – The Practice has provided continuous care in the same location since the early 1950s, and it is now treating the third generation of families as a result of its reputation for quality care. • Established referral network – In addition to referrals from past patients and other residents of the neighborhood, the Practice has developed a referral network of attorneys and other medical professionals. More than 60 percent of the Practice’s revenue comes through personal injury lawyers. • Well-defined management and operational processes – In order to ensure consistently high quality care, the Practice staff meets every morning to set daily service goals. Devoting this time has helped establish excellent communication lines between all areas of the operation.

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