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Wisconsin is a state full of natural beauty, with around 250 miles of coastline, with the interior of the state decorated with plenty of forests and farms. Boasting a high quality of life, Wisconsin has a large and well-educated population.  Of which, about 49.7% of its private workforce is employed by various small businesses across Wisconsin. Clearly, small businesses are the backbone of this great state as they are creating more than 30,000 net jobs annually. Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, there are plenty of opportunities for new customers.  

Franchising is an incredible way to get a good taste of entrepreneurship without taking on the high risks usually associated with starting a whole new business. You will be offered financial support from the company, as well as all the materials you need to get started immediately. Because of a franchise’s brand credibility, you don’t have to work to establish a sense of trust between you and your community. You can hit the ground running. 

If you’re looking to have more autonomy over your business, but still want an established brand, consider researching the advantages of buying an existing business in Wisconsin

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