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$76,971 - $106,751

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Ray Titus

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SuperGreen Solutions is the premier sustainability advisor around the globe helping businesses lower costs and increase revenues through green initiatives.

SuperGreen Solutions offers its exclusive ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification, proprietary software and exclusive Green Compass Sustainability Award™ that assists clients to optimize financial and operational performance while enhancing the company’s public image and employee engagement.

SuperGreen Solutions is looked upon as a highly organized sustainable energy industry leader with little competition. Very few companies can offer clients the level of advice, depth of knowledge and comprehensive support which SuperGreen Solutions can.

Throughout the world, business owners are seeking to differentiate themselves and their brands from others on an eco-friendly basis. They also desire to improve their energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase profits. The use of green initiatives to meet this desire is SuperGreen’s primary goal.

Why Choose Us?

SuperGreen Solutions franchise owners leverage mass purchasing power which enables them to receive products from the best vendors in the world at the lowest prices. This purchasing power allows franchise owners to offer their clients products and services, which were previously outside their client’s purchasing ability, which drives down costs and increases revenues.

SuperGreen Solutions has a proven record of success having its processes and procedures tested and revised for maximum efficiency. Resources have been developed and designed specifically for assisting franchise owners in attaining the highest level of success possible.

SuperGreen Solutions franchise owners do not need to be experts in the sustainable energy industry, as comprehensive training and support are provided. SuperGreen Solutions franchise owners learn all aspects of operating the business, with a strong focus on consultative sales training, closing techniques, and project managing. Training also includes attending energy auditing certification.

Franchise support starts as soon as one applies to be a franchise owner and continues with support calls, peer support from other franchise owners, meetings, in-person visits and more through the opening of the store and beyond.

Ideal Candidate

The proper candidate is one who enjoys sales, has a passion for making the world a more environmentally friendly place and who believes in the reduction of carbon footprints. The candidate will be encouraged to attain certain certifications in the sustainable energy industry which will require studying and sitting for exams.

The candidate does not need to be an expert on sustainable energy or even have a related background as long as they are willing to learn. Other skills that will help a candidate include the ability to communicate clearly by both written and verbal methods, strong organization, leadership and a willingness to mentor.

Candidates should want to become a SuperGreen Solutions franchise owner because it makes owners an integral part of the green movement.


In 2011 SuperGreen Solution’s first store was opened in North Palm Beach Florida by its founder who was already well entrenched in the sustainable energy industry with more than 14 years’ experience. This store enjoyed immediate success leading Ray Titus and the United Franchise Group to begin offering SuperGreen franchises in 2012. Since then, SuperGreen Solutions has grown to more than 80 locations in 20 countries.

Going green and becoming energy-conscious has been growing since the days of President Eisenhower who felt energy independence for the United States was a national priority. As recent as President Obama, energy independence and efficiency has been prioritized with significant progress accomplished over the last few years. This effort has trickled down to homeowners and business owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy bills and be more energy efficient. The Going green initiative is moving even faster in other countries.

SuperGreen Solutions helps make energy efficiency profitable by saving businesses money on their energy bills and reducing environmental damage in an affordable manner that can build increased revenue.

Training And Support

A two-week training program is held at company headquarters and is followed up by an on-site field trainer that assists new franchise owners with developing and closing their first deals.

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