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$263,550 - $844,485

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Wan Kim

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Smoothie King is an international retail business that offers smoothies and a variety of other products, such as nutritional drinks, healthy snacks, energy bars, sports beverages, herbs, minerals and vitamin supplements. Smoothie King operates franchises in the U.S., the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Republic of Korea. It opened its 1,000th store in August 2018 in Richardson, Texas.

Why Choose Us?

In today’s Insta-world with a consumer who is bombarded with options one flashier than the next, the health and prosperity of any business depends on its ability to stay relevant and constantly evolve with current population needs and trends. Smoothie King performs on several markers: convenience, attractive products, image rebranding, robust growth in 2017 and added the highest number of stores in 2018.

Smoothie King presents a good choice as it stays up to date with the current wellness and health trends and consumers’ dietary preferences, such as desiring foods without any trans fats, gluten, hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup. It recently partnered up with Premama to create the Premama Smoothie for pregnant women, mixing fruits, vegetables, juices, prenatal multivitamins, proteins and Stevia-based sweeteners. By keeping a hand on the pulse of the current market, Smoothie King secures a strong market share.

The company has strengthened local ties in the home location by opening a Smoothie King center in New Orleans in 2014, besides participating in several other initiatives, such as Make-A-Wish Come True, Big Blocks for a Big Cause and NOLA Day of Service. The center provides smoothies to the New Orleans Pelicans, a professional basketball team.

Ideal Candidate

For a prospective franchisee, Smoothie King requires a net worth of $300,000, liquid assets of minimum $100,000 and credit scores above 700. Experience in the fields of marketing, sales, retail and restaurants provides a natural skill set to manage a franchise, as does knowledge of health food products and drinks, nutrition, and consumer trends and habits. Understanding the geographic and financial demographics in the region, which would be ideal for the franchise, is key to a successful enterprise.

However, if you are lacking experience in the related fields but have an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to learn and troubleshoot, Smoothie King provides 17 days of training to franchisees that is divided into orientation, management training and on-site training.


Smoothie King was founded by Steve Kuhnau in 1973 in Louisiana as a result of his efforts to find solutions for his chronic food allergies. Kuhnau used his nursing knowledge to experiment with proteins and fresh fruits at home. He custom blended his first Smoothies With a Purpose with real fruit, proteins and nutrients, aimed at restoring health and wellness. Smoothie King became the first smoothie franchise in the U.S. in 1989. In 2012, the company was sold to Wan Kim, a Smoothie King franchisee with more than 100 stores in South Korea.

What Is Inside Smoothies With a Purpose?

All the smoothies today are also created with a purpose and hand-crafted by blendologists. The company quality statement says that real fruit, vegetables, nuts, fruit juices, proteins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are used to prepare its products. Gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options are also on the menu. The smoothies are offered in a variety of blends for the purposes of strengthening immunity, balancing diet, building muscle, burning fat, reducing calories, slimming down and simply feeling good:

  • Wellness Blends
  • Slim Blends
  • Fitness Blends
  • Take a Break Blends
  • Kids’ Blends
  • New Smoothies

Training And Support

Training includes in-classroom and on-the-job hours of orientation, management training and field training.

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