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$84,920 - $255,000

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Spencer S. Lee

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Roto-Rooter provides a variety of plumbing services for residential, commercial, and government buildings. The most common services offered by franchises or company-owned operations include drain, pipe, and sewer cleaning. Services are performed using proprietary Roto-Rooter equipment and techniques. Some businesses also offer water heater repair and replacement and water damage restoration services. Some Roto-Rooter operations provide faucet, garbage disposal, sink, shower, and toilet repair along with emergency plumbing services.

Entrepreneurs wishing to operate in the U.S. may have the chance to work with Roto-Rooter as independent contractors. This business agreement allows an entrepreneur to operate his or her own plumbing business using the Roto-Rooter Marks and System (including proprietary equipment). Roto-Rooter provides independent contractors with equipment and business support in exchange for a portion of the sales. Independent contractors must obtain a plumbing license or employ a licensed plumber.

Traditional franchising opportunities with Roto-Rooter are available for international markets. The company primarily focuses on master franchises with 10-year agreements that are renewable for an additional 10 years. Franchisees agree to open and operate a pilot Roto-Rooter business for one year and then expand operations within an exclusive territory through sub-franchising.

Why Choose Us?

Between Roto-Rooter franchises and company-operated services, the brand serves approximately 90% of the population of the United States. There are also Roto-Rooter operations in Canada and master franchise operations in various international markets. Franchisees may find success with help from brand recognition and unique equipment and techniques. At this time, the company encourages master franchises in international markets and offers entrepreneurs exclusive territorial rights and the chance to expand operations through sub-franchising.

Ideal Candidate

Potential independent contractors are licensed plumbers or entrepreneurs willing to hire a licensed plumber. Ideal franchise candidates would have the desire and resources to establish a master franchise in an international market, operating a pilot business for a year and then expanding through sub-franchising. Per Roto-Rooter requirements, candidates should be willing to be active in the management of the business full-time.


The Roto-Rooter concept began with a homemade sewer-cleaning invention created by the company's founder, Samuel O. Blanc, in 1933. The business was officially founded in 1935 in Des Moines, Iowa, and it primarily manufactured innovative drain and sewer cleaning equipment. Upon incorporating the business in 1936, the Roto-Rooter Corporation started providing licenses to independent entrepreneurs. These licenses allowed owners of drain and sewer cleaning businesses to use the Roto-Rooter trademarks and service equipment. From 1936 to 1980, these licenses were provided and managed by the Roto-Rooter Corporation.

In 1980, the Roto-Rooter Corporation was acquired by the Chemed Corporation and operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chemed from 1980 to 1984. The name of this 100%-owned subsidiary was changed in 1984 to Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.

Currently, Roto-Rooter Group, Inc. (which also does business as "Roto-Rooter" and "Duracable Manufacturing Company") grants franchises for Roto-Rooter businesses, manufactures specific equipment, and distributes equipment to franchisees. By agreement, the Roto-Rooter Services Company (which is under common control with the Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.) operates drain-cleaning businesses similar to Roto-Rooter franchises.

Training And Support

Roto-Rooter does not require independent contractors to complete any formal training during business operations or prior to opening. The company may provide training on business management and/or equipment operation. Those who choose to offer water restoration services may receive training and certifications from Roto-Rooter. Franchisees and their employees under master-franchise agreements may receive up to four weeks of training from Roto-Rooter prior to opening the pilot operation.

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