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$310,442 - $607,745

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Michael Serruya

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Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt franchise with over 300 locations throughout the world. Its main menu item is a varied assortment of tart and sweet frozen yogurt flavors and a wide range of toppings. Pinkberry also serves smoothies, parfaits and other items. One unique offering is its bubble waffle, which is a light snack originating in Hong Kong.

From its beginning, the company has emphasized a defined contemporary aesthetic, which permeates everything from store designs to the placement of frozen yogurt toppings. Currently, Pinkberry continues to expand and open new locations. Pinkberry stores can be stand-alone locations or function within a setting such as a shopping mall or a college campus food center.

Why Choose Us?

Pinkberry continues to enjoy popularity, as it has remained consistent in its strong brand identity and product quality. As health-consciousness continues to trend, customers continue to seek out low-calorie treats with natural, fresh ingredients. Pinkberry's frozen yogurts and toppings offer distinctive, refreshing flavor, along with the knowledge that this tasty treat is also healthy. Together, Pinkberry and its parent company, Kahala Brands, have long-standing experience in operating this frozen yogurt franchise and in promoting their brand.

For its franchisees, Pinkberry provides extensive training and guidance. It also has a flexible approach and works with franchisees to set up a store design and menu that both represents the brand and works well for the franchisee. Franchisees also benefit from the brand's strong name recognition.

Ideal Candidate

Opening a Pinkberry franchise requires meeting some substantial financial specifications. Pinkberry requires a minimum liquidity of $200,000 and a net worth of at least $400,000. Prospective franchisees should also have good credit and strong knowledge of the local market; Pinkberry prefers franchisees to apply for locations where they live. The company also looks for a proven track record of strong leadership, operational and store management experience. Though Pinkberry can be flexible on some points, franchisees should expect to comply with brand requirements for store design and products.


Shelly Hwang and Young Lee founded Pinkberry in 2005 when they opened the first store in the West Hollywood neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. At the time, the store served only two flavors of Shelly's original-recipe yogurt: original and green tea. It proved immensely popular, with lines forming all the way around the block. Customers enjoyed the tart, refreshing taste. They also liked the modernist, colorful décor, the low calories and the fresh, healthy toppings.

Pinkberry opened its second store in 2006. In the following years, it expanded rapidly, opening locations in other states. In 2009, Pinkberry opened its first international location in Kuwait. In 2015, Kahala Brands bought Pinkberry as part of its campaign to acquire a wide range of popular food service brands.

Today, Pinkberry has over 300 franchised locations worldwide. It has expanded its range of flavors for frozen yogurt and added a variety of toppings. It also sells related products such as smoothies.

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