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Any mention of Oregon is likely to conjure images of “Keep Portland Weird” signs and stickers and the stunning beauty of the coast, forest and mountains.  However, there are also considerable business opportunities in this state. Oregon’s economy ranks 25th with a GDP of $236 billion. Portland is the 26th largest city in the US and its popularity shows no signs of diminishing anytime soon. Main industries in the economy include manufacturing and technology, although agriculture, fishing and timber still contribute.

With the presence of wide-ranging industries, entrepreneurs have many options when looking to buy a franchise in Oregon. Restaurants are one of the most popular franchise options. Additional opportunities exist in industries that service commercial and residential buildings such as cleaning, repair, electricians, plumbing and construction. There are also various healthcare-related businesses such as senior care, assisted living, nurse staffing, laboratories and diagnostic testing.

After developing business and financial acumen, you can take these skills and look for franchises for sale in Oregon. As you evaluate options, be sure to consider your interests as well as the profit potential of different franchises. Buying and operating a franchise comes with risks and rewards, but it may be a bit easier than starting a brand new business. With a franchise, the company will want to maintain its quality and brand, so it will likely give you a blueprint or set of procedures for how the franchise has been successful in the past.

Buy a franchise in Oregon today to experience the freedom of designing your own day!

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