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Frank Hennessey

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As its name suggests, New York Fries focuses on doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else: making amazing fries from scratch. The brand offers consumers New York-style skin-on fries cooked in sunflower oil, as well as several tasty variations of poutine. Several things make the food at this franchise different than other quick service restaurants.

For one thing, the fries are made completely by hand, in house. Instead of receiving frozen products, New York Fries starts off with whole russet or russet Burbank potatoes. All potatoes are washed carefully in the store. Then they’re cut by hand and prepared for frying.

Each batch is made to order. In other words, the potatoes are put in the fryer the moment each customer chooses their meal. There are no heat lamps used to warm fries, and batches are generally small, sized just right to fit each order. This way the golden potatoes are piping hot, crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Why Choose Us?

Thanks to its status as part of the RECIPE UNLIMITED CORPORATION family — and the financial backing and industry expertise that comes with it — New York Fries has been able to enjoy significant growth and financial stability. All in all, RECIPE UNLIMITED recorded total sales of $3.42 billion in 2018 and sales growth of 22.9 percent. Its 1,128 franchised restaurants across all brands generated $2.26 billion in the same annual period.

Franchisees of New York Fries receive assistance with virtually every aspect of restaurant pre-launch and operation. This includes areas such as real estate and construction, IT setup and support, ingredients sourcing, marketing and e-commerce.

While the brand stays true to its focus on made-from-scratch poutine and fries, it has continued to adapt to the tastes of modern consumers. Switching to healthier frying oil and gluten-free ingredients were two such changes. The menu has grown to accommodate vegetarian options and tantalizing poutine featuring everything from pulled pork and butter chicken to bacon with double cheese and chili.

Ideal Candidate

A main prerequisite for potential franchisees is the financial requirement of at least $100,000 liquid capital and $300,000 net worth. In addition, for optimal sales, finding a market with high-volume shopping centers may be important. At this time, there aren't currently plans to introduce New York Fries into the U.S., which is already heavily saturated with burger chains and cheap French fries.


New York Fries started off a simple New York love story of sorts. The year was 1983. Jay Gould and his brother Hal, founders of the Canadian brand, were visiting a spot in New York City with the reputation for the best fries in the business. After returning home to Scarborough, Ontario, the experienced restaurateurs launched the equivalent to a modern food truck dedicated entirely to hand-cut fries.

The concept was an instant hit, and in 1984 the brothers started franchising locations throughout Ontario. From that single stand, New York Fries expanded into well over 100 locations across Canada and approximately 40 stores internationally. The brand has been going strong for over 30 years.

Ironically, none of its international franchises are located in New York City – or anywhere else in the U.S. for that matter. The company is popular in the Middle East and Asia, in places such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Macao, Turkey and China.

In 2015, New York Fries became one of the newest members of RECIPE UNLIMITED CORPORATION, formerly known as CARA. This QSR powerhouse boasts a stellar lineup of brand names, from Montana’s and East Side Mario’s to Fionn Maccool’s and Swiss Chalet.

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