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$15,000 - $16,000

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No Financing Available

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David D. Conner

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Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. began as a packaging facility in Colorado for nuts, dried fruits and assorted candies in 1977. It incorporated in 1978 and began offering franchises in October of 1983. Other than offering franchises, the company has more or less done business in much the same way it has always done—by making nuts, fruits and chocolate by hand and in house and selling those confectioneries via a cart door-to-door. Though Vice President, Michael S. Conner, admits that the age of the internet has made direct marketing more difficult, there are still sects of people out there who appreciate the personalized approach that Mountain Man offers. The company has 13 regional retail stores and the rest of the franchisees operate via carts and their websites, which they can set up through Mountain Man's main website.

Why Choose Us?

The success model of Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. franchise owners is simple: quality products and great customer service. The product is already there, so all franchisees need to do is establish and maintain relationships with people within the community. The monetary investment is minimal, which is another perk of owning a Mountain Man unit, and so long as franchisees are willing to put forth the time investment of forming new relationships, they are likely to see substantial rewards.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for this type of franchise is someone who is personable, persistent and creative and who can handle rejection well. This person not only believes in quality and freshness, but also, advocates for it to be the norm, not the exception.


Mountain Man's story is truly an American Dream success story, as it involves one man – David Conner – down on his luck, an idea, hard work and eventual success. Prior to the 1970s, the Conner family lived in Nebraska, where David owned a sign company. When the family moved to Colorado in the late 70s, Mr. Conner sold the sign company and took a job at a sound-proof insulation company. Shortly after accepting the job, the factory burned to the ground, leaving David and dozens of others without a job.

David was forced to think on his feet to come up with a way to provide for his family. After wracking his brain, he thought back to the gift baskets he used to make for clients when he owned his sign shop back in Nebraska. The baskets always contained dried fruit, nuts and candy, and clients loved them. He decided to sell gift baskets of his own until he could find full time employment.

By 1977, the Conner’s were manufacturing and packaging their goods, which David peddled from business to business and door to door. It wasn't long before the people of Colorado grew to love the Conners' baskets and to look forward to the fresh treats.

Though the company has grown considerably since 1977, Mountain Man continues to be known for its high quality, fresh, handmade snacks. The company also does most of its business via door-to-door sales, but it has earned quite a few contracts with local grocery and convenience stores that emphasize freshness and quality.

Training And Support

Mountain Man offers two to three days of field training, by request. Training is for one person only and will only take place if franchisee has adequate inventory on hand ($1,000+).

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