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Minuteman Press

Sell a Printing Business with Minuteman Press

For any printing business owner, the day will eventually come where it will be time to sell the business. As Minuteman Press International continues to expand its franchise system, independent printers are looking towards the world's largest design, marketing and printing franchise to ensure a proper exit strategy. Print shop owners are able to take advantage of the vast resources and wide network of buyers that Minuteman Press is able to provide. Part of the Minuteman Press growth strategy is to help independent printers sell their business and convert their store into a Minuteman Press franchise.

Minuteman Press services

Minuteman Press can entertain a large network of qualified buyers – most of whom have had no prior printing industry experience – offering them full training and support to help ensure the future of your business. Prospective buyers will be provided with a tried and proven system that will be able to guide them as print business owners.

Why sell your printing business with Minuteman Press?

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  • For over 40 years we have been able to attract people from all walks of like and show them how to run and manage a successful printing business. We can entertain a much larger network of buyers than a typical business broker because of our training and local support.
  • Provide training and ongoing local support to the buyer to ensure your legacy of high quality and customer service lives on.
  • Vested interest: We have a vested interest in the success of your printing business that is being purchased because we want to keep our franchise system growing and thriving. Your business will be in good hands and you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that your customers will continue to be treated with the respect they deserve.
  • Easy Transition: You have probably asked yourself, "What happens after I sell my printing business?" When you sell your printing business through Minuteman Press, the burden of staying on to train the buyer is completely removed from your shoulders. The buyer of your business will be trained and supported by us on both the local and national levels throughout the life of the business.
  • No cost to you, until the business is sold: There is no cost to you until your business is sold and we'll do it at a much lower commission than a business broker. This includes your advertising, meeting with potential buyers and presenting the business.

What's our process of selling a printing business?

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  1. Contact us today for a no obligation consolation on your printing business & how we can help you.
  2. If your business qualifies, we will enter into an agreement to start advertising your business (there is no cost to you until the business is sold).
  3. Our marketing department will put together an advertising campaign to start attracting qualified buyers in your local market (your location and name of the business will be kept confidential).
  4. Once we have a qualified buyer, we will present your business to them.
  5. We will handle the negotiations and sale of the business once there is an agreed upon price.
  6. Your buyer will attend our training program.
  7. Our local field support staff will assist with the transition to new ownership and conversion to a Minuteman Press franchise.
  8. You can transition into retirement without the burden of training the new owner. Our local field staff will continue to support the location in all aspects of the business from management to marketing.

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