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$84,600 - $1,492,500

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Available Via Third Party

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Stanley Ma

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Maui Wowi sells Hawaiian coffee and smoothies, focusing on tropical flavor and fresh ingredients associated with Hawaii. The company emphasizes healthy, all-natural ingredients. Smoothies and other drinks are made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Maui Wowi locations can consist of a traditional restaurant-style venue in shopping plazas or neighborhoods. There are also options to operate a mobile unit, either at a fixed location or to travel to events.

The company's culture emphasizes the concept of "ohana," or family. Maui Wowi restaurants strive to embody this ideal and create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy the high-quality products.

Why Choose Us?

Since its beginning, Maui Wowi has been at the forefront of the smoothie trend. As health-consciousness continues to increase, smoothies with fresh ingredients continue to stay in demand. The company has a good track record of changing and adapting to evolving customer tastes while staying true to its core identity. Likewise, coffee continues to enjoy widespread popularity. Maui Wowi's high-quality selection cater to the increasing numbers of consumers who look for taste and freshness when it comes to their caffeine fix.

Maui Wowi also offers several flexible options for franchisees. These include operating a traditional shop with seating available or a smaller kiosk in a setting such as a mall. Franchisees can also operate a range of mobile units, which include a concession trailer, a food truck and the Ka'anapali Cart. Many franchisees opt for several units. For example, you might run a shop and also have a cart to take to events. This allows you to tailor your franchise operation to your budget, expertise and your community's needs.

Ideal Candidate

Maui Wowi looks for enthusiastic business owners who are passionate about the product. The company charges an initial franchise fee of $42,500; veterans may be eligible for a 20% discount. This fee covers the franchising of three units, in any combination. The estimated investment range can range from $84,600 to $1,492,500.


In 1982, the Maui Wowi was established by Jeff and Jill Summerhays under the name of Maui Wowi Hawaiian. At the time, health-consciousness had only begun to become a major public concern. Maui Wowi established its brand identity as a provider of healthy, natural alternatives to the prevailing restaurant offerings. The company set itself apart by offering smoothies that used fat-free yogurt and pure fruit-based flavorings.

Maui Wowi began franchising in 1997 under the leadership of CEO Michael Haith. In 2003, Maui Wowi embraced the growing coffee trend and began providing exclusively sourced, high-quality Hawaiian coffees. Coffee offerings included Kona cappuccinos and espressos, along with blended coffees from beans grown on Hawaiian islands. Today, the brand continues to offer a wide selection of Hawaiian coffees and blended coffee drinks. In 2004, Maui Wowi opened its first international location.

In the ensuing years, the franchise continued to grow, expanding its number of locations even through the 2008 recession. In 2014, Maui Wowi invested in updating its mobile carts' design and menu, making mobile units an easily recognizable attraction at events.

In 2015, Kahala Brands acquired Maui Wowi. Currently, Kahala is a subsidiary of MTY. It continues to manage the Maui Wowi franchise, along with the many other quick-service brands it owns.

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