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Trenched in Maine’s culture and economy are small businesses. Entrepreneurs in this state will find like-minded people, businesses, and banks all around them. In fact, small businesses are so prevalent that they made up 59.6% of Maine’s workforce, close to 285,000 people. That is an exciting statistic, especially for entrepreneurs who are searching for a new home. 

Because of its small businesses mindset, the local government has done a lot to make it easier for people who want a business to get one. Processes to obtaining permits and like have been streamlined. There’s a community of people to rely on if you are confronted with something you are unfamiliar with. That’s an important asset to have as a new business owner. 

Of course, when you buy a franchise in Maine, you will be supported by the parent company as well. Franchise owners are given thoroughly researched and tried out marketing materials, store layouts, and common practices for success. You can gain autonomy over your schedule and have an organized and enjoyable life in a lush and beautiful state. 

There’s another way to be an entrepreneur as well, a way that offers more autonomy over the direction of your business. If you’re looking to make large scale decisions, consider browsing through existing businesses in Maine.

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