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$4,600,000 - $5,800,000

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David Vinson

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Kids R Kids is a family owned and operated organization that strives to provide a secure and inspirational environment in which children can grow into responsible, compassionate members of society. Kids R Kids operates with the core belief that children should be loved unconditionally first and taught only thereafter. The ultimate goal is to create a foundation for children on which they can learn and grow intellectually, physically and emotionally.

The Kids R Kids learning environment is a far cry from a traditional learning environment. The caregivers strive to create an atmosphere in which children learn via play, exploration and interaction with others. They focus on all parts of development, including creativity, intellect, character and physical growth, to ensure children flourish in all areas of their lives.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Kids R Kids, you choose a brand that has an established reputation in nearly 20 states across the nation. The institution is accredited and operates under proven systems. Franchisees get training and ongoing support as well as the flexibility that comes with business ownership. The brand also offers licensing support and financial assistance for those with the dream but who lack the necessary capital.

Then there's the revenue. The top earning Kids R Kids location generates an average of $2.3 million in revenue each year, while the average earning locations generate an average of $1.5 million each year.

Ideal Candidate

Kids R Kids does not necessarily require a franchisee to have a background in education. Many of its franchisees come from a medical, business, engineering or corporate background. What the franchise does require is that franchisees have a love of children and a desire to empower and educate them. If you can honestly say you do, you may be a great fit for this company.


Like most small franchises, Kids R Kids has a humble history. In 1961, founder Pat Vinson and his mother, June, turned their family home into a daycare. They named this nursery Kiddie City. At the time, the concept of group childcare was revolutionary but necessary. This was an era when mothers were flooding to the workplace, leaving their children in the care of nannies and family members. For this reason, and because of the founders' genuine love for kids and a yearning to see them succeed, Kiddie City flourished.

With a few short months of opening, Kiddie City hired its first employee, Janice Whatley. Pat and Janice eventually fell in love and married in the winter of 1963.

Janice and Pat continued operating the preschool for 24 years, during which they expanded the center to include a private kindergarten. After more than two decades, however, they decided they wanted to restart closer to the city, so they sold Kiddie City and made their dream of building a school of their own a reality. In 1985, the first Kids R Kids opened its doors.

The need for superior childcare only continued to grow, and Kids R Kids along with it. Within 14 months of opening the first Kids R Kids, the family opened a second, and a then a third two years later. Operating three businesses proved to be stressful for the couple, though. Therefore, they turned to franchising. Pat and Janice incorporated the business and sold their first franchise in 1988.

Today, as the need for quality and compassionate childcare never truly goes away, Kids R Kids continues its slow but steady growth. It now has over 170 locations across the U.S. and one in China.

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