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$931,791 - $1,400,000

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Troy Cormier

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Jason's Deli is one of Texas's favorite lunch and dinner spots that was so good, other states had to have a piece of the pie too. Today, Jason's Deli has over 270 locations throughout the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest. Jason's Deli offers customers the option to dine in, take orders to go or have orders delivered.

Jason's Deli is a family owned business. Though it now franchises approximately 40 percent of its units, it strives to keep the "family feel" alive at all units, hence the extensive training franchisees and their management are required to undergo.

Jason's Deli is, and has always been, committed to making their meals with healthy ingredients. In 1980, the deli's famous salad bar was introduced, and that same year the company partnered with Heart Institute of St. Elizabeth Hospital to develop heart healthy menus. In 2005, it unveiled vegetarian menu items. It also removed all sources of artificial trans fats from its ingredients. The next year, the brand committed to using only premium USDA-Certified Organic ingredients. Two years later, it eliminated all MSG and high fructose corn syrup from food items on the menu. In 2010, it banned all artificial color dyes and introduced its gluten free and vegan products. In 2014, the brand partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center nutritionists to revise menu items even further.

As you can see, Jason's Deli is committed to the health of the communities which it serves. However, just because the brand offers healthy menu items does not mean that the food is not savory. Customers enjoy the brand's 12 famous hot and hearty soup recipes, each of which is original and developed by the founding family.

Because of its commitment to offering nothing but the healthiest and most natural food products, Jason's Deli continually ranks as Texas's number one food chain, giving otherr fan favorites such as Fuddruckers and Whataburger a run for their money.

Why Choose Us?

As a privately held corporation, Jason's Deli is not obligated to share the secrets of its success. However, the Chief Branding Officer feels as if the brand's secrets to success are not secret at all. They're just plain good business sense. Jamie Cohen explains that the company ranks so highly for four reasons:

  • It focuses on developing and strengthen its core strengths
  • It listens to customers
  • it maintains control of the brand
  • It emphasizes a strong company culture
If you are lucky enough to become a franchisee with the company, you will be backed by a strong business model and a dedicated corporate team.

Ideal Candidate

Jason's Deli requires all franchisees and any managers who will be actively involved in the management of the company to have five years of restaurant experience.


Jason's Deli was founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice Jr. However, Joe Jr.'s story begins long before then, and even before he was born. Joe's grandfather, Salvatore Tortorice, came to America through Ellis Island in 1895. In 1950, he opened the New Turf Café in Beaumont, Texas. Salvatore's son, Joe Sr., branched off to open four grocery stores, two dry cleaners, two laundromats, and a sandwich shop, J's BBQ and Washateria. It seems the entrepreneurial gene runs strong in the family, as Joe Jr. decided to try his hand at the food and hospitality industry himself.

When he first founded Jason's Deli, Joe Jr. wanted to call it Tortorice. However, his family convinced him to do otherwise, claiming that the family name was too difficult to pronounce. After much deliberation, he decided to name the restaurant for his son, Jay. Jay + Son=Jason.

Today, approximately 40 percent of the business is franchise owned. The remaining 60 percent is corporate owned. However, unlike many other franchises, it remains family owned and privately held, which is what allows the brand to continue to take a customer-centric approach to decision making.

Training And Support

Franchisees and four other persons who will be actively involved in the management of the deli are required to undergo a 13-week training program. To be qualified to run the deli, 50 hours of classroom training and 625.5 hours of on-the-job training in various areas must be accrued . Failure to meet training requirements will be viewed as breach of the franchisee contract.

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