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$273,660 - $387,700

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Available Via Third Party

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CEO Name
Stanley Ma

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Ginger Sushi caters to individuals who are passionate about sushi. The extensively trained sushi chefs prepare sushi, sashimi and other Japanese specialties fresh daily. Customers are free to dine-in in an atmosphere that pays homage to the beautiful Japanese tradition or to come in and grab a tray to go. Though the brand encourages patrons to slow down and find solace in life's many pleasures—one of which is sushi—it strives to play an active role in the busy lives of its customers by creating healthy, wholesome dishes that easily integrate into their fast-paced schedules.

The brand's restaurant design is drastically different than traditional sushi restaurants. Though it retains the high-class, chic atmosphere custom of Japanese restaurants, the zen-ness of each establishment encourages patrons to relax. The meals are affordable and menu offerings are available for just about every budget.

Why Choose Us?

International cuisine is on the rise, with over 75 percent of survey respondents claiming they'd be willing to try a new international cuisine. Asian food in particular is extremely popular in the U.S. and is currently the fastest growing international cuisine segment. According to a recent report, it's been growing at a rate of 500 percent since 1999. Though several types of Asian food are popular, including Thai, Indian and Chinese, experts across the board agree that sushi is America's favorite. The proof is in the numbers; sushi is now a $3 billion annual industry in the United States.

That said, what sets Ginger Sushi apart from other sushi shops is its affordability. Sushi is a notoriously expensive cuisine, which means there are large segments of the population that can't enjoy it. Ginger Sushi, however, is affordable and therefore a mainstream option. It also plans to offer the poke bowl—commonly referred to as "sushi, deconstructed"—which is inexpensive, filling and convenient, three traits that make it one of the fastest growing food trends in Canada and the United States.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal Ginger Sushi owner is passionate about sushi. He or she also meets the liquid capital and net worth requirements.


Ginger Sushi was founded in 2000 in Montreal, Canada, back when sushi was not as wildly popular as it is today. Yet, thanks to the internet and peoples' desire for more worldly food options, palates have turned to more exotic options. Though Mexican, Mediterranean and Chinese food are all beloved staples in America, no cultural cuisine has taken off quite like sushi. This is in large part thanks to the health benefits of sushi, which many other foods do not offer.

Since the beginning, the brand has strived to create a sushi experience that is both playful and adventurous, caters to the mainstream public and more importantly, is affordable. It has succeeded in its mission and still manages to pay homage to the wonderful art that is sushi making.

Since its inception, Ginger Sushi has grown to include over 150 locations in Canada. MTY Group™ and Kahala Brands™ recognizes its potential and are working to expand the franchise into the U.S. As of summer 2019, one U.S. location exists in Texas, with two more planned to open soon.

Training And Support

Training consists of 40 hours of classroom training and 150 hours of on-the-job training.

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