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What is Funtopia?

Funtopia® is a unique concept for active entertainment. It combines sports with fun and brings them into entertainment and shopping centers.

The concept was originally developed as a means to make physical exercise more entertaining and appealing to a wider range of people. Nowadays, when the majority of the population - and more specifically, the youth population - is constantly exposed and increasingly drawn to social media, video games and all kinds of digital platforms, we at Funtopia wanted to offer an entertaining and alternative way to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle. However, unlike most other parks that focus primarily on only one fun activity, Funtopia offers numerous attractions that are not only more entertaining but are also more physically and mentally engaging. In the recent decades, abundant scientific papers and publications revealed various health benefits gained from exercises like climbing, balancing, leaping, crawling etc. Our goal, which was to turn all of those activities into fun was reached by creating Funtopia. With attractions such as indoor climbing Fun Walls, Rope Course, Rollglider, Caving System, Jungle gym and Ninja course - to name but a few - kids and adults can have a blast while developing hand and eye coordination, building muscle, improving posture and physical shape, boosting self-confidence, etc.

Nonetheless, Funtopia is also intended to be a place for social and family gathering.

We believe, that health is primordial to well-being, but it is also our conviction that happier lifestyle lies in bonding and connecting with other people. It is why we welcome group outings, family visits and various parties and events. Additionally, we developed several programs specifically designed to make people positively interact with each other and build a sense of camaraderie and develop a feeling of community.

Our adventure parks are built upon and always reflect our core values: Fun, Active, Safe, Courteous. These values are of course shared by our staff and our team but we also strive to make them accessible to all our visitors.

Why Funtopia?

Funtopia® is where the future of the entertainment industry is heading - sustainability for the owners and value for their customers.

Funtopia is a versatile concept and can adapt to various infrastructures. Ranging from 4,500 to 20,000 square ft. or more, a typical venue can serve between 30 and 400 people at a time. Larger venues can include Fun walls, a Rope Course, a Rollglider, a Caving System or other Funtopia attractions. A Funtopia adventure park, ideally located in an area with high on-foot traffic, is a great venue for family visits, birthday parties, school visits, corporate events and group outings, appealing to all generations and all levels of fitness therefore having very large target group with a unique service to offer.

The Funtopia team offers its full support at every step of business management: from preliminary planning to everyday operation running with a complete and efficient marketing program and materials. Owning a Funtopia franchise means being welcomed into Funtopia family and benefitting from experience and know-how of successful and well-established company in the business world.


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