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Capital Required
$96,150 - $119,900

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

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Initial Franchise Fee

Average Sales Last Year

CEO Name
Stacey Kimmins

Existing Units



FUN BUS is a children’s mobile fitness “gym on wheels,” where we bring the workout directly to you! We make it a point to instill healthy habits and a love for fitness in young children, aged 2 - 7, and there’s no better way to do that then through FUN BUS!

It’s important that we battle childhood obesity which is an epidemic that is sweeping across the entire nation. Thankfully, we have seen a rise in the amount of focus being paid to this growing problem and FUN BUS is in a perfect position to help alleviate this issue. Franchise Owners with FUN BUS will be the first to tell you that this is an opportunity that is both financially and emotionally rewarding!


The mobility aspect of FUN BUS allows us to travel basically anywhere. With weekly fitness sessions at daycares, birthday parties, and other specialized events, we are able to take advantage of multiple revenue streams. Combined with low-investment costs, low-upkeep costs, and our already proven, successful business model, your return on investment is high and the opportunity for scalability is, too!


Parents - Whether it’s for class, a birthday party, or another special event, parents love the convenience that FUN BUS provides and love that their children are learning healthy fitness habits!

Educators - With physical activity budgets being cut across the nation, principals and teachers love the fact that FUN BUS is an affordable, effective way to make sure that children are still getting their necessary physical activity and physical education.

Event Organizers - FUN BUS helps draw people in as parents of young children are more likely to attend an event where there’s something specifically for their kids to do.

Why Choose Us?

Schedule Flexibility - We created our business model with freedom and flexibility in mind. You will train your staff to run your events while you get to focus on growing your business and spending time with your family.

Economic Strength - Thanks to the mobility aspect of FUN BUS, you are not responsible for any costs that are associated with having a physical location, such as build-up costs, rent, utilities, etc. Unlike many other businesses, FUN BUS launches in less than 90 days, too, which means our Franchise Owners are generating revenue faster than most other businesses in the children’s fitness industry.

Scalability - Thanks to low-overhead costs, quick ramp-up time, and a fast return on investment, FUN BUS is easily scalable with some of our Franchise Owners running up to FIVE busses!

Positive Impact on Children - While the economic potential is fantastic and the ability to be your own boss and make your own schedule is great, the real gift is the lasting, positive impact that you will have on the children in your community.

Ideal Candidate

Fitness Enthusiast - You understand the importance of children developing healthy habits at an early age and you love being the one to help develop these habits.

Loves working with young kids - It takes a special person to work with young kids - and that’s you. The patience and the energy required to keep up and teach young kids was something you were blessed with.

Community Leader - Our Franchise Owners are well-known leaders in their communities. They’re recognized for the change and positive effect that they’ve had on the community youth and their partnerships with various community organizations have created relationships that will last a lifetime.

FUNtrepreneur - Everything aside, you’re tired of the corporate grind and you’re ready for something new. You’re ready to be your own boss, to make your own hours, and to be in charge of your future.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to talk to determine if you would be the right fit as the next FUN BUS Franchise Owner!


FUN BUS was originally founded in 2003 by a creative daycare owner who recognized the need to provide a better fitness program for her students. Current CEO, Stacey Kimmins, recognized the potential of FUN BUS and acquired it in 2014.

Since Stacey took over, the FUN BUS system has embarked on a model and cultural evolution, supporting a shift of current FUNtrepreneurs moving towards embracing a management model rather than a one-bus, owner-operator model. This shift was made to reduce the risks associated with having just one bus, while being able to capitalize on our scalability. In fact, with this shift in focus, current FUNtrepreneurs have not only embraced “stepping off their buses” to manage their staff, but they’ve also been able to develop and grow their businesses, with some FUNtrepreneurs recently growing to running up to FIVE busses. Stacey’s new vision and system quickly translated into growth and success at the franchise level and, today, this system is ready for the addition of new FUNtrepreneurs all across the country.

Training And Support

Training Videos - We continually support our FUNtrepreneurs with up-to-date training videos so that you can run your business as effectively as possible. These videos help provide information about new curriculum that we’ve developed, employee training, bus preventative care, P & L management, as well as a host of other topics to help ensure you that you are always feeling empowered to execute your business model to the fullest extent. There is no stagnation with FUN BUS, we are always driving forward.

Bus Refurbishment Support Program - One big component of our support lies in our Bus Refurbishment Support Program. FUN BUSes are refurbished at one of our two approved locations. We assist in providing the bus and support the process of the build out. First, these old school buses get their seats removed, their ceilings cut to have rooftops installed, and a generator track installed on the driver’s side. Then, the inside is gutted, cleaned up, and a huge rug is installed along the bottom and up the walls. Afterwards, the interior is painted, followed by the exterior, and then the bright decals are added to the side of THE BIG GREEN BUS. Finally, the equipment is added inside. We source all of the pieces, including the equipment, leaving only decorative details and some game items to the owner.

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