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Capital Required
$88,500 - $195,000

Liquid Capital

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Financing Assistance
No Financing Available

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A franchise that does something so different that people crowd around to see dirt disappear like magic!

What if you had a business where your customers loved the product so much that they rearranged their business model in order to use your services, how would that make you feel?

“When I started the business, I approached a dealership. They offered me the opportunity to detail their overflow with our patent pending advanced steam technology. At first they only gave us 16 cars. A few months later, they stopped doing internal detailing and outsourced the entire dealership’s business to our company. Why did they do that? We gave them a better result, that lasted longer, for less money, less equipment expense, and it made complete sense to them. A great partnership was born that day.” Kurt Cummings, Indianapolis, Indiana

Everyone wants to have a business that offers something special. They want it to be easy to run and good for their families and for the world. Most of all they want it to be worth the investment. In order to do that, a business must have a unique combination of characteristics.

This is what owners like you say about why they chose DetailXPerts.

  • The margins are strong so I have more room to learn, ramp up and be profitable.
  • I can get small to large business accounts and serve individual consumers too. It makes the ability to scale really easy.
  • This made sense because I can ramp up quickly. I don’t want my business to take forever to get to cash flow positive.
  • It takes a business model everyone knows and needs all the time, then creates a strong differentiator.
  • The service is better than a traditional wash as it lasts longer; clients like that. I’d rather have loyal clients who will follow me than a lot of one-time clients I have to replace all the time.
  • It’s got recurring, repeat revenue. That makes it easy for me to manage because I’ve got consistency in my cash flow.

This franchise is very transparent. They show you the unit economics early in the decision process so that you understand all of the possibilities.

What is it?

  • Vehicle Detailing Franchise
  • It’s Patent Pending Steam Technology uses a fraction of the water and no harmful chemicals.
  • It’s mobile, bringing the service to the customer, so it requires a low entry cost into the system.
  • Multiple revenue streams with the ability to detail cars, vans, trucks, boats, limousines, RVs, and more.
  • It’s an eco-friendly GREEN business so you and your employees can feel good about the work.

If you want to talk to our owners to hear what their experience has been with this revolutionary franchise model, request information now. You’ve worked really hard, isn’t it time for something simple? We want to show you how this makes sense and liberate your tomorrow.

Hear from a Detail Expert Franchise Owner from Debra Kattler on Vimeo.

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