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Capital Required
$402,400 - $697,000

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

Training and Support

Average Sales Last Year

CEO Name
Robert Phillips

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California Tortilla is a unique, fast-casual restaurant that serves “California-Style” Mexican food. We use only the best ingredients and premium proteins while our salsa, guacamole, queso, and other sauces are made fresh daily, in-house. There are no freezers on site in any of our California Tortilla locations. California Tortilla is Mexican Re-Imagined. From our ingredients to our preparation and customer service, we have Re-Imagined the entire fast-casual experience. HOW OUR BUSINESS MODEL WORKS: The California Tortilla business model is a little different when it comes to most fast-casual franchise opportunities. All of our recipes are chef-inspired meaning that not only is our entire menu unique, but we’re also providing a high-quality, healthy alternative menu that other restaurants in the fast-casual industry just can’t match. On top of this, our delicious food is served quickly, affordably, and is fresh, never frozen - which keeps our customers coming back for more.

Why Choose Us?


Our policy at California Tortilla is simple-No jerks allowed. We care about who we bring into our system, who our Franchise Owners are, as people, and we make it a point to spend time with them. By building lasting relationships and speaking with them regularly, we know what their lives look like before and after their store is up and running.


Thanks to our customized menu, California Tortilla's customer demographics are broad. We serve men and women, families, millennials, baby boomers, and retirees from all income levels. This diverse base of customers allows our restaurants to thrive in varying markets. Our Wall of Flame with over 75 different hot sauces only adds to this diversity.


Our robust online presence, combined with our continuous dialogue with our social media audiences, helps build strong relationships with our customer. Through our innovative and imaginative marketing efforts and promotion, such as naming competitions for LTO's, we are able to generate awareness for your store, encourage conversation, and unit your community.


We're not successful because we're lucky-we're successful because we really have our business model dialed in. We have been busy the past 15 years, developing, refining, and perfecting our concept and almost all of our successful restaurants are owned by our Franchise Partners.

Ideal Candidate



You're tired of the overall corporate grind; You're tired of not hitting the goals that you've set for yourself, financially or otherwise; You're looking for something unique;You're ready to Re-Imagine your life, with California Tortilla.


The Fast-Casual Industry is rapidly growing because consumers love how the industry fits their lifestyles. At California Tortilla, we address this fit by providing healthier, tastier, and customizable options to our communities at a cost-efficient price.


We are looking for partners who are hungry to succeed and who want to expand into multiple locations, bringing customers in these new markets a high-quality product that they've never experienced before.


Here at California Tortilla, we are looking for proven entrepreneurs and restaurant owners to join our team. If you do not have restaurant experience, however, strong business management and customer service skills may still qualify you to be awarded a franchise.

If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk with you and determine if you might be an ideal franchisee owner at California Tortilla!


As people, we, the creators of California Tortilla, have been on all sides of the restaurant business. From consumers, to franchisees in other concepts, we saw firsthand what happens when you skimp on ingredients or put customers second.

We knew that without good ingredients or happy customers, a business, especially a restaurant business, would never be successful. This put our minds to work, because while we as franchise owners had enjoyed quite a few successes over the years, we had yet to create something truly groundbreaking.

With a serious amount of determination, we set out to design a unique and pleasant dining experience that not only focused on the quality of the food, but also embodied our dedication to good service and our community.

In 2003, California Tortilla’s first franchise location was opened and quickly became a frequent destination for thousands of people who craved imaginative, healthy, Cal Mex cuisine. We were fast, we were healthy, and we loved our customers. So, we grew. As the years went by, Cal Tort’s imaginative dishes, fresh ingredients and fun attitude have grown from a small franchise in Maryland to a well-known brand located all along the east coast.

Through practice and trial and error, we as franchisors have meticulously engineered California Tortilla for growth. With a commitment to efficiency, quality ingredients, and happy customers, every detail is deliberate and created to help franchisees succeed.

Training And Support

Our job as the Franchisor is to make sure you are fully trained on how to execute your Cal Tort business flawlessly, so that you too can enjoy the financial performance that our current franchise owners are accustomed to.

Before your Restaurant opens, you and one General Manager, must attend and successfully complete the initial training program that we offer. We will bear the cost of initial training (instruction and required materials) for up to three Highly Trained Personnel (which will include either you or, if applicable, the Principal Operator and a General Manager). For franchise owners that are awarded a multi-unit franchise agreement, we may offer the initial training to more than three Highly Trained Personnel.

You are solely responsible for all travel, meals, lodging and payroll expenses associated with sending attendees to our training programs.

We may require that any or all of the Highly Trained Personnel attend refresher courses, seminars, and other training programs periodically, including up to ten days of refresher programs each year during the term of the Franchise Agreement. We will bear the cost of this additional training (instruction and required materials).

Our initial training program will take place over a four week period, and is generally held six to ten weeks before the Restaurant is scheduled to open. The location(s) of the training will be at locations that we specify, including our headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, and at a California Tortilla Restaurant in Olney, Maryland, or possibly at other locations in the Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia region.

Like the execution of our business model, we take training very seriously. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we’ll make sure you have a blast!

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