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Capital Required
$199,000 - $464,000

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

Training and Support


The Franchise That Lets You Have It All, Yes, Really, Have It All.

You Found It! That rare business that lets you have it all. They tell you it’s not possible, but here it is in front of you.

A franchise that allows you to...
(Built for parents by parents)

  • Leverage a proven model to make a significant living and help support your family
  • Engage in a collaborative environment with a Franchisor that dedicates 25% of their own profits to helping underprivileged children globally
  • Have weekends and holidays free so you can enjoy the success you’ve achieved
  • Fun ~ Joy ~ Creativity ~ Variety

The experience of guilt and stress when trying to manage it all has a high cost. You may think it’s the cost of the success you have earned. It doesn’t have to be. We would like to show you a way out of that.

Building Kidz Schools is a premium franchise opportunity. It is incredibly unique and has an impressive competitive edge.

If you are a parent, you may have realized how difficult finding a good school truly is. They never quite measure up. Why? They are based on an Old Paradigm. An Old way of learning, teaching, communicating and creating.

Let's take a look...

  • Education
    • Old: Standard Format, same as always.
    • New (Building Kidz): Curriculum outpaces industry standards 2 to 1, scientifically proven.
  • Child Teacher Engagement
    • Old: Big class size, not engaging.
    • New (Building Kidz): Every child has a role in each activity, establishing their value early on.
  • Communication with Parents
    • Old: Parents are in the dark about child's daily experiences.
    • New (Building Kidz): Benchmarking, regular evaluations, formal communication with parents regularly.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
    • Old: The teachers don't understand it, how could the child develop it?
    • New (Building Kidz): Outlet for a child to express themselves and learn the tools needed for managing emotions properly.
  • Environment
    • Old: Crying, kids, don't want to be left.
    • New (Building Kidz): Fun, Joyful, Creative environment kids LOVE.
  • Meals/snacks
    • Old: Processed foods!
    • New (Building Kidz): Healthy, nutritious, whole foods.

At Building Kidz Preschool, Daycare, and After-school campuses, the highly qualified staff intelligently integrates the performing arts into the daily experience for every child to enhance academic excellence and Whole Child development. They focus on Dance, Music and Theater which helps the child develop Language, Social, Emotional, Physical and Cognitive skills in a stimulating environment.

It’s a business that WORKS for the Owners as well as for the Children. We prove this and share financial performance information, demonstrating profits significantly exceeding industry averages, with those who we feel would be a great owner of a pre-school and are committed to helping children develop. We are the brand that truly allows you to have it all.

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