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Tim Malouf

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Breadsmith is an artisanal bakery franchise that keeps things simple while providing tasty baked goods made from scratch every day. The brand prioritizes high-quality ingredients, flavor and friendly service, even going so far as to intentionally limit the number of new franchises opened each year to guarantee a unique, small-town bakery vibe and tantalizing baked goods at each location.

A bakery through and through, Breadsmith locations don’t sell espresso or other coffee shop items. Instead, guests show up every day in search of their favorite delectable treats and homemade breads, from almond croissants and Austrian pumpernickel to walnut babka rolls and zucchini dessert bread. This creates a personal connection between Breadsmith and its customers. Even on a corporate level, an emphasis on community shares almost equal levels of importance with profits.

Highlights of the Breadsmith brand are its use of hearthstone ovens, specially imported from Europe, to bake fresh breads, cookies, tarts and numerous other pastries every day, completely from scratch. Breadsmith franchises do not use any preservatives, additives, mixes or frozen dough. Instead, artisanal bakers follow a secret company recipe book with hundreds of different types of baked goods, adapting recipes as needed to wow local customers.

Why Choose Us?

Because of its focus on natural ingredients, expert baking and time-tested recipes, it’s not surprising that many Breadsmith locations receive accolades from food magazines and review sites. In places where there is an increasing market trend towards farm-to-table products and organic ingredients, Breadsmith may enjoy significant popularity due to its freshly baked goods that often source local farmers.

In addition to offering breads and pastries to end consumers, the Breadsmith franchise also allows many franchisees to enter into wholesale distribution agreements with local supermarkets, specialty stores and to supply restaurants and cafes with freshly baked goods. Depending on store location and baking capacity, franchisees may be asked to service regional or national accounts. This access to multiple channels, and the franchisee’s ability to set the store’s own price point for items, may increase business profitability.

The franchisor provides significant training, help choosing an appropriate location, annual equipment preventive maintenance inspections and ongoing assistance with the dozen or so new recipes unveiled every year. In addition, Breadsmith consistently tries to arrange for special supplier prices on behalf of franchisees.

Ideal Candidate

Breadsmith locations are specifically designed to feel unique and friendly, similar to opening a hometown bakery, while offering access to secret recipes and special baking systems. The ideal franchisee gets excited about locally-sourced ingredients, loves people and feels passionate about baking fresh breads and pastries.

Due to the company’s focus on community and people, franchisees are required to participate in two local charity events annually, and also donate all unsold baked goods to local food shelves every night. For this reason, owners who are interested in charitable giving and human interaction may find Breadsmith to be personally rewarding as well as financially profitable.

The application process for Breadsmith franchisees looks beyond financial statements. Passion for the brand and strong community ties have significant importance, in addition to relevant business experience. The ideal location has a population of 80,000 people or more, with a large percentage of homeowners and families.


The first Breadsmith bakery was opened in 1993 by the company’s founder, Dan Sterling. Towards the end of the 1990s, Breadsmith’s signature handmade breads started popping up in restaurants and local grocery stores, in addition to a baker’s dozen of franchises around the United States. A recipe book that started at 30 has grown over approximately 25 years to include over 300 distinctive items, all baked in hearthstone ovens imported from Italy.

Training And Support

Training involves three weeks of baking training and franchise management training at corporate headquarters, in addition to two weeks of on-site training during opening period by three different Breadsmith representatives.
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