14 Moves Franchise

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Capital Required
$60,000 - $100,000

Liquid Capital

Net Worth

Financing Assistance
Available Via Third Party

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Capital Required $60,000 - $100,000

Liquid Capital $50,000

Net Worth $100,000

Financing Available Via Third Party

Training & Support Available

14 Moves Franchise is currently not accepting new inquiries.

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Simple. Fast. Plug and Play. This is what you’ll love about 14 Moves.

We are a coaching and training company that happens to be in the business of real estate. One of the top Keller Williams Certified Expansion Teams, 14 Moves enables you to build a real estate empire by recruiting and developing new agents.

Top 5 Reasons to be a 14 Moves Owner

  1. Stress-Free Business Model: 14 Moves has developed a successful system that empowers you to operate your business while allowing the flexibility to achieve a work/life balance.
  2. Minimum Employees Required: You’ll only need a general manager, and a courier. If you have experience, you can be your own general manager and replace yourself as you launch your next location.
  3. Low Cost: You can start your business with industry-low costs, allowing you to lead with revenue, and minimal upfront expenses compared to a traditional brokerages. No leases, no employee payroll and turn-key systems means you spend more time recruiting agents, and can reach your goals sooner than in traditional brokerages.
  4. Expert Marketing and Advertising: We have a finely-tuned marketing plan to help all agents reach maximum productivity.
  5. World-Class Sales Training and Coaching: We partner with the leading training and coaching companies in the real estate industry, and provide you with direct access to the systems, mindset and tools you need to consistently grow your business year over year.

The Industry

Opportunities in the real estate industry are plentiful. The real estate market saw 5,450,000 home sales in 2016, an increase of 3.8% over 2015. U.S. national homeownership rates are at 63.4%, which means a staggering 202.8 million Americans are potential customers. Because a real estate agent gets paid on one of two “sides” of a sale, there are 10.6 million potential commissions every year.

Seasoned real estate agents and experienced business owners from other industries can benefit from this incredible opportunity.

Why not just start my own real estate company?

You could. This opportunity is for someone who realizes the power of accomplishing more together than individually. There is less financial risk on your end, and more leverage and freedom in your life.

About 87% of real estate agents don’t make it past their first two years and the average number of sales per agent is only 5.4 sales per year. There is an opportunity for to improve success rates for new entrants with 14 Moves because we focus on training, coaching and driving production.

When surveyed, 85% of consumers said they would use their real estate agent again, but only 25% actually did. This gap can be attributed to the high attrition rate of agents and to lack of follow up by agents after the sale. As a 14 Moves Franchise Owner, you’ll capitalize on this opportunity using our proprietary automated software and proven processes.

14 “M.O.V.E.S.” - Proprietary Sales Cloud Software

We’ve developed proprietary software so you and your agents can generate deep knowledge of your pipeline in real time. With the system, agents will have accountability and ownership of their numbers, and you’ll be able to provide the right coaching at each stage of the sales cycle.

14 Moves “Team Cap” Commission Schedule

We’re pioneering a team commission structure that rewards top performers with 100% commissions, often after their first 38 closings in an anniversary year. Top sales people love being rewarded, leading to higher retention rates of the top performers and aspiring agents become motivated to achieve the top pay schedule.

14 Moves Agent Profit Sharing System

Our unique profit sharing enables you to share a portion of your profits back with the agents who helped grow the business through agent referrals.

14 Moves Advanced Recruiting System

You get access to a new recruiting system for recruiting great sales people. Our technology finds prospects through pay-per-click targeting, job boards, and other sources, and automatically routes all potential applicants to a CRM system that allows you to manage your recruiting pipeline. You’ll also get access to the KPA, a behavior assessment tool for guiding recruits considering a real estate career.

Use our highly developed systems and models to build a successful real estate team in your community, faster than you could on your own.


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