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Re-hydration Sugar Free Drink
Cash Flow: $28,000
Re-hydration Sugar Free Drink

Boca Raton, FL

No other re-hydration drink like this, WITHOUT SUGAR.This drink has no caffeine, no sugar, no fats, no calories and only one carb., 3X Electrolytes, X2 productive vitamins to increase energy more than any other drink. This a high efficiency functional drink which is highly effective in re-hydrating active sports/athletic participants and from high energy outdoor activities WITHOUT SUGAR. It also cures side effects of dehydration from ailments/illnesses associated with dehydration including cancer treatment. The aliments could be the flu, could be diarrhea, stomach ailments, vomiting, hangover, etc.; WITHOUT SUGAR. This drink will treat/re-hydrate from a full body cramp due to dehydration, quickly. Bottled with a wide mouth in a 20-oz. bottle to allow for fast chug. Nothing else on the market can claim this. Looking for a Strategic Partner/Buyer. This is the only drink that has been given distinction by the American Cancer Society, allowing the American Cancer Society logo on the drink. Research shows cancer tumors feed on sugar to grow. Participated in MANY American Cancer Society events. This is because there is no sugar in the drink which cancer feeds on. This product surpasses the FDA benchmark/standards to state/print on its label that it contains an EXCELLENT source of electrolytes and vitamins! Others in this category cannot print this on their label, or even the lower benchmark “good source of.” Secret formula, registered national trademark, contracts with Walmart and nationally known athletes to endorse and promote the product. In locations being serviced on a limited basis, product rapidly sells out when put on shelves. What is needed is capital for rapid nationwide expansion, currently only regional. Will consider most any deal structure, including license/royalty based, outright sale, or sale while maintaining some equity.

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