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Car Transportation Company (Confidential Sale)Car Transportation Company (Confidential Sale)
Car Transportation Company (Confidential Sale)Car Transportation Company (Confidential Sale)

Miami-Dade County, FL

Since 2013 (5 years). Transportation of used vehicles, between dealers, for export and general transportation services of vehicles. Operates in East and Central USA, mainly New York, New Jersey, Miami, Atlanta, Kentucky, etc. (East Coast 70% and Center 30%). High rating in the sector. Positive reports from insurance companies. Billing in constant growth (2014 to 2015 + 58% / 2015 to 2016 + 39%). 2016 + 2017 + 28%. Affiliated with Central Dispatch where there is access to contract US + Canada services and also 53 clients with personalized service. Highly active in winter season when retired people from the north move to Florida (Snowbird Season) Parking and Service Campaign (Yard) rented 14,000 Sq. Ft. (1,300 Square Meters) with monthly payment of $ 2,675. Sub-leases spaces in the Yard to other trucks. Company management office of 950 square feet (88 square meters) with monthly payment of $ 1,200. Own administrative structure to organize the operation 12 subcontracted employees (8 drivers + 4 Administrative Managers) all remunerated based on commissions. Subcontractors have other transportation (3 trucks) to meet the demand for transportation properly. Well-managed company with high growth potential. Assets: 7 x trucks FREIGHTLINER FLD120 perfect condition with maintenance evidence information. (years 2000 to 2006) 7 x Trailers ( 9 cars each ) Boydstud and Cotrell) 1 x Flatbed INTERNATIONAL 2008 1 x 53 Feet Trailer + 1 x Cars Forklift

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