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6Dry Clean Plant with 3 Drop Stores. Tax returns available to verify $$My loss is your gain. Verifiable income with tax returns, Buy Now!!!
$200,000Cash Flow: $137,400Seller Financing
Dry Clean Plant with 3 Drop Stores. Tax returns available to verify $$My loss is your gain. Verifiable income with tax returns, Buy Now!!!

Bonita Springs, FL

Put money in your pocket from the first day. Now is your chance to purchase a full service dry cleaning plant with an attached drop store as well as 3 additional drop stores for less than it cost to setup the plant alone.Or you can purchase each store separately. Each store is located in Bonita Springs or Naples in highly desirable, upscale plazas with long term leases in place. The plant handles the work for all of the drop stores as well as other drop stores not owned by us and commercial accounts. The breakdown is as follows. We will sell the plant individually for $110k, 1 of the drop stores that is brand new for less than it cost to setup which is $25k and the other established drop store for $65k. We also have another drop store that is only 14 months old in a brand new plaza at a major intersection in Naples. It was under contract but the buyer couldn't perform. That store is also listed individually at $65000. Or you can take the whole package with a competitive offer above $200k. Window shoppers, please don't waste my time or yours. If I had time to waste, I wouldn't be selling and I would be out there making this business into a cash machine. Mix and match but don't drag your feet, if you want a business to grow with all of the components in place, now is the time to make a move. We also have a 2016 Ford Transit 250 that is outfitted for transport that we would sell in the deal for what is owed which I believe is around $20k or so. To set just the plant up right now would cost over $400k and that's if you could find a landlord willing to rent to a dry cleaning plant. Pick up the plant and beautiful drop stores for peanuts and take this business to the next level. My other business interests keep me from being there enough and I don't want to ruin 20 year friendships over a business. If you jump in at these prices, that is the steal of the century. Don't waste time, let's make a deal. Call or text me anytime to discuss the details further.

2Dry Cleaning Plant for SaleTurn Key, Team ready to go
$180,000Cash Flow: $80,000
Dry Cleaning Plant for SaleTurn Key, Team ready to go

Fort Myers, FL

For sale is a dry cleaning plant in downtown Fort Myers.

Nationwide Distributor of Dry Cleaning Equipment
$575,000Cash Flow: $190,000Seller Financing
Nationwide Distributor of Dry Cleaning Equipment

Fort Myers, FL

This business will give the flexibility to do business anywhere in the country as long as you have a cell phone. What does the company do? Typically they purchase shutdown dry cleaning plants for liquidation purposes and are able to re-sell the equipment either piece by piece or sell packages for plants to upgrade or new start up plants that do not want to make a massive investment. Although there are lines of new equipment, this company thrives on used equipment making margins anywhere from 50% to 500% vs 10-25% on new. Pretty easy to sell against a new package when on a typical 1500-1800 sq ft plant it may be around $250k while the used equipment could be outfitted for less than $30k. Company name has been around for well over 30 years and is known and trusted in the industry. The business has a systematic way of being able to generate business with a flip of a switch; and extremely cost effective too. Many are strategically placed ads, one of the groups the seller belongs to, or simply email blasts to their list of contacts. This does not include all of the referrals and past customers. If you are getting calls for something that you do not have, a simple call to a colleague might so funds are wired, and shipping is set up off of the phone or ipad. Typically 90% of the calls are for things such as conveyors, presses, boiler, compresses, tanks, shirt units… Owner is semi retired and works a total of 10 hours per week. Many other growth avenues such as changing out pads & covers on machines should easily turn into a 6 figure income. If product is carried, seller states there will be significant calls daily. No warehouses needed as seller holds equipment until sold. The perfect person would be a salesperson in the industry, but seller is open to a very long transition or minority ownership to ensure the success of the buyer. The industry is growing and the need for an established, honest, reputable distributor is there as it always has been. Just maintain the reputation, follow the simple outline that will be provided, and the sky is the limit for this business. If you would like more information completely fill out the NDA (to include full name, phone number, email address and home physical address) and we will release the name and an introductory video to start the process of moving forward with the acquiring your dream business. Numbers are proforma only. Last year the business made a 38% gross profit margin while other years it has been higher than 70%.

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