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4Sunny Florida, Seasonal Advertising Publication FranchiseSunny Florida, Seasonal Advertising Publication Franchise
$105,000Cash Flow: $33,000
Sunny Florida, Seasonal Advertising Publication FranchiseSunny Florida, Seasonal Advertising Publication Franchise

Brevard County, FL

This home based business is primarily seasonal, selling ad spaces of varying sizes for this publication. Our coverage area runs from fast growing Viera/ Melbourne down through Palm Bay Florida. There is one printing per year (250,000) with 2017 being its 13th year. The sales & renewals of advertising spaces takes place the latter half of January through March. Customer renewals average 75%. In April publication changes are made, new ads uploaded, web site updated, proofing and printing all take place. Newly printed publications arrive approximately May 15th. Distribution is sub contracted to a woman that has been a part of the business since day one. She is well received by customers and does an excellent job. Additionally, the owner usually does a “Victory Lap” with new and special customers when the new publication arrives. While the printed publication is our mainstay, the home office keeps the brand current with technology through our individual & national web sites. These are used on computers, iPads and a Mobile Guide for smart phones. All included as part of the print program. Our printed publications appeal to older folks while younger folks enjoy the smart phone & iPad programs. The remaining 8 months of the year requires only monitoring of emails & phone calls, and a small amount of monthly billing all of which can be done from Anywhere USA. The majority of the business, short of sales, is accomplished electronically. So a buyer could spend just the sales season in Florida, the whole winter or full time and grow the existing franchise. There is no income tax in Florida, one of the many advantages of the state. Or some franchisees opt to undertake a 2nd or more franchises to make a full time career out of their businesses. They can either purchase an existing franchise or start a new one. The Franchise, established in 1981, is a national company with currently 150 franchisees across the country and growing. This quality, fun to use publication is widely recognized and well received by all. The main Franchise home office is excellent, there when you need them and offers monthly training conference calls as well as other events when warranted. Their Operations Manuel is excellent. And Publication School is offered to new franchisees through the main office. In 2015 Forbes named this franchise one of the top 10 franchises to buy with an initial investment under $150,000. Requirements: greatest need is a people type person able to communicate and sell an honest value to business owners; modest computer skills for communication, managing computer files, updating ads etc; small home office and transportation. All new franchisees are vetted before the sale, through our main office. There is a onetime Franchise Transfer Fee of $5,000 paid to the home office, commonly split by seller and buyer. My Home Office Includes: laptop, iPad, smart phone, HP Printer, HP Scanner and QuickBooks. I run a cash business based on the calendar year. All customers pay either by check or credit card which I run through my QuickBooks. Most customers pay up front. Those requesting payment terms I only do so with a credit card. State of Business: our publication is well received throughout our coverage area. I have worked hard to be honest and friendly with all customers and prospects, never pushy. A friend made one year many times will turn into a customer a following year. I prefer to do my new sales and renewals face to face. We provide outstanding customer service with a 75% renewal rate, 13 Years of proven track record and years of refining internal business systems to ease sales and production. Links to our web site are found in every publication and local chamber web sites. There is no real competition. The business is in great shape with a bright future, invaluable “Goodwill” and minimal risk for a new owner.

Business Owner Expo Division For Sale
$160,000Cash Flow: $405,000
Business Owner Expo Division For Sale

Orlando, FL

If you are looking for a "run-of-the-mill" expo business, look no further. If you want something more unique that is making waves right now, read on. Home furnishings is a billion-dollar a year industry. And since 1982, the guys over at iDealFurniture have made it their business to put good people into the furniture business: one lucrative and licensed dealership at a time. Well over 300 authorized dealers and some 3,000 independent brokers nationwide thank their lucky stars for having answered an ad similar to this! Now you can own a piece of that billion-dollar pie but in a much bigger way. And from anywhere in the country. The owners are selling off 25% of their highly profitable Business Ownership Tradeshow Division (BOTD) and it comes with shares in their soon-to-be public $2.4 million-dollar parent company, New Economy Marketing Group ( This would make you a 25% owner in a billion-dollar market. HOW IT WORKS: BOTD generates hundreds of business dealership and license leads across the country. They specialize in the home furnishings and big-ticket things industry (massage chairs, art, patio, furniture, mattresses and more) and are now in the food and logistics business! The division’s mission is to provide first-time and seasoned business owners an effective route in achieving their dream of owning and operating a successful business. As a team of exhibitors and expo goers are already out working the shows each week, you can easily lead this part-time and from anywhere as a division president. BUSINESS BRANDS SOLD: PerfectDreamer Sleep Shops iDealFurniture Retail Stores KozyHOME Licensees iDealFurniture Distribution Centers WhiteGlove4Less Logistics BigTicketBroker Dealerships FurnitureBROKER Premier Food Trucks KozyMassageChairs Distributorships Foriegn Imports Direct Container Division And more to come … SIMPLER THAN IT SOUNDS: Every week, your team attends numerous Regional Franchise & BizzOpp Tradeshows nationwide. They generate leads and cover expenses by selling big-ticket items (massage chairs, etc.) at shows. Business ownership and license leads are then worked by the sales department and, when sold, you get paid. Big. TO RECAP: + You’ll own both 25% of BOTD and stock in the $2.4 million-dollar parent company by helping people own their own business! + Business licenses sell for $25,000 to $100,000. + You can run this semi-absentee and from anywhere in North America. NOTE: Upcoming shows in Philadelphia, Dallas & Vegas… if you would like to see the company in action, the owners would be more than willing to make that happen. Let’s talk!

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