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Open Your Own Pharmacy-GA
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Open Your Own Pharmacy-GA

Wilmington, DE

Are you an investor that has always thought about opening your own pharmacy, but afraid because you have no idea where to begin? Planning to open your own pharmacy is overwhelming to say the least, and gets scarier if you actually start the process. Our company specializes in relieving you of all the stresses associated with opening a pharmacy. Unlike other pharmacy consulting companies that just consult and put all the pressure and work on your shoulders, we do everything necessary to open your pharmacy, from beginning to end. We provide the following services anywhere in the USA: 1. Help you find a pharmacy location 2. Help you negotiate a beneficial lease 3. Design your pharmacy 4. Build/Construct your pharmacy 5. Complete all Pharmacy licensing 6. Contract with all 3rd party companies 7. Help you in choosing the right drug distributors 8. Train you and your staff to operate your pharmacy 9. Develop a pharmacy Policy & Procedures Manual for your staff 10. Business management skills 11. Prescription pricing procedures 12. Purchase all equipment for the pharmacy 13. Purchase computer hardware and pharmacy software systems 14. Install 8 camera video surveillance system 15. Help you develop your pharmacy logo 16. Provide marketing materials for your Grand Opening 17. Design and purchase Exterior sign 18. Install all pharmacy shelving as well as OTC shelving 19. Develop a marketing plan for your pharmacy for your Grand opening 20. Help you with inventory control 21. Specialty pharmacy setup and training (Extra charge) 22. Design and setup waiting area for your customers with a TV. Our staff has been in the independent pharmacy business for over 13 years. We specialize in opening pharmacies for our Clients anywhere in the US. Whether you're a pharmacist or not, we can make your dream come true. Give us a call and let us help you get started on a truly profitable future.

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