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Engineering & Industrial Management Business-27504
Engineering & Industrial Management Business-27504

New Castle County, DE

INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY FOR SALE! Established in 1993, this engineering company specializes in industrial and chemical manufacturing and processing industries. This CSM (Certified Safety Manager) company mainly focuses on Refineries to make sure the three major Safety programs are updated AND has the company approved to work in all plants nationwide and worldwide. Its Safety Program is approved by the big three Safety Certifying Companies of North America, and throughout the world by the World Safety Organization. The Seller has established strong relationships and works directly with the Engineer Managers, Maintenance Managers, and Turnaround Managers because they make the final decisions and sign on the dotted line for the lucrative contracts and Master Servicing Agreements. This business now for sale sits with these managers in most all the update meetings to help guide them on all the updates of the turnarounds and projects. The Seller has access to the top executives and key employees of the oil refinery industry. This business has a clean record with OSHA. This business also has its own pre-approved financing up to $1,000,000.00 for projects under contract to cover expenses such as payroll, etc. This Industrial Management Company just signed a master service agreement valued at approximately $1,000,000.00 which will be transferred to the new owner. It has two other pending commitments from two different refineries, one to work their 10 plants across the U.S.A., and another to work their Ohio plant, both worth $1,000,000.00 each and will be transferred to the new owner. Keep in mind that this business has worked with these companies already in the past and has a history of working with powerhouse refineries such as: Sinclair, Husky, Conoco Philips, Valero's, Citco (PBF Energy), Shell, Texaco, Sunoco (PES), Murphy, and the list goes on. The Seller is also a part of a $1.8 Billion Project that has been pre-approved to co-manage the construction of three proposed refineries and commitments to the long term maintenance of these refineries. The business plan for the project has been approved for financing and is waiting on funds to be released which can be proven with documentation. This company is also working on an App for improving procedures to increase labor production for management and save money. When all the kinks are worked out, it will go worldwide. The new owner will be given a free license to use it. Seller wants to either retire or at least slow down to enjoy his family, but has communicated that as more and more of these contracts come in, the sales price will be increased. This is a guaranteed, gold mine business sale for a serious and competent buyer that will cover the purchase price with signed contracts and documented commitments. Seller will also consider a partnership with a Buyer that is an established industrial management company or a leading National HR Company that is dominant in their industry. Seller will discuss actual Cash Flow with serious qualified Buyer.

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