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IT Management / Custom Application Development Company
Cash Flow: $2,000,000
IT Management / Custom Application Development Company


The company is a highly respected, leading developer of mission-critical applications and IT management services. Its competitive advantage is ‘team augmentation’, where its employees are embedded onsite at their client’s offices for multi-year, ongoing projects. The company’s services include CloudOps development and automation that requires continuous deployment and management. The company employs a superior, highly skilled workforce and experienced management team, with less than 10% turnover per year. The Company’s Services Include: IT Management – data center integration and performance management. Business Applications – deep industry expertise in legal, utilities and energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and high tech. Cloud – evaluation, selection, migration and implementation. Business Intelligence and Big Data – deployment of advanced big data capabilities and visualization tools. Mobile -- design and implementation of mobile infrastructure and applications that supports millions of users Key Investment Considerations: Long-Term, Recurring Client Relationships – a number of the company’s long-term customers are Fortune 500 Companies, and have consistently used its services to build and manage mission-critical applications for more than sixteen years. World Class Technologists – the company employs some of the best talent in the industry. 80% of its employees have a Master of Sciences Degree, with an average length of real-world experience of 7.5 years. Cost-Efficient Operations, High Gross Margins – the company uses an Agile Development process, with a proprietary set of internal systems and tools, which streamlines operations and consistently delivers 65% gross margins on revenue. Consistent Profitability – the company has been consistently profitable for sixteen years and is on track in 2018 to surpass last year’s revenues and earnings.

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