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Film/Television Lighting BusinessRare Turn Key Production Opportunity But Is Also Relocatable
Film/Television Lighting BusinessRare Turn Key Production Opportunity But Is Also Relocatable

Middlesex County, CT

Rat Race Productions was started in California in 1983 and has been operating out of Connecticut since 1995. The area of operations is currently between NYC and Boston. There is seldom a need to work gigs in either city proper. I am a gaffer (lighting director) and have been the sole employee. While I am an owner/operator, due to the strength of the local lighting crew base with some of them having done decades of work with Rat Race, this operation could be run by anyone with limited knowledge of production and modest business experience. The business is built around 3.5 Ton (commercial, TV) and 1.5 Ton (small commercial, corporate) lighting packages which are built to be combined to make a 5 Ton Package appropriate for most larger commercials. The trucks and gear are known for being well maintained and organized. The trucks themselves are in great shape and have low mileage. This sale is to include: - the 3.5 and 1.5 ton packages including the trucks and all gear as described on the website - the HMIs, Maxi Brutes, Source 4 Likos, Specialty Chimeras, Distribution and most of the grip gear listed under A La Carte on the website - Dracast (better than Astras) AC/DC LED panels w/3 AB Gold batteries, two port charger (one 1x1, one 1x6", one 4"x4"), a Litepanels Gemini 1x2 panel (better than Skypanel) with Snapbag, barndoors, grid and remote dongle, 4 four ft. Quasar bi-color LED in a Kino Flo 4x4 housing - the website itself. Wordpress based so easily editable. - detailed client lists and notes going back to 2010 - contact lists for Grip and Electric crew from NYC to Boston, many who know the truck packages well. The local G&E crew base is super strong and well suited to support the business. Most have worked off these trucks for over a decade with some frequently taking packages out as gaffers, either covering me or on their own. Their knowledge of Rat Race has allowed me to easily run multiple packages on different jobs on the same day. - extensive crew lists for all departments, NYC to Boston - including both cities. Many local crew folks, live in CT and work out of the cities. Having a deep list has been a fantastic resource and being able to make referrals has been very helpful in securing a lot of my work - free referrals from me for all incoming production calls though 2020. If Rat Race continues to be a semi local entity, combining these referrals and capitalizing on the local lighting crew would allow for this to be an actual "turn-key" business. This sale is a great opportunity for a compliment business to an existing production company, to a director of photography looking to increase earnings, to a seasoned lighting pro and to an up-and-comer looking for a solid income stream and leg up in this industry. Rat Race Productions sale is priced based exclusively of the current value of the physical assets. The "good will" business aspects (post sale support, referrals, crew lists, etc...) are included in the sale price. My preference is to sell as a unit but I am open to discussing the sale of an individual package. Detailed financial history is available upon request including profit and loss reports for 2013-2017. The non disclosure form attached below must be signed, dated and returned before this information will be released.

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