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Paradigm shift - Personalized Healthcare in the Palm of Your Hand
Paradigm shift - Personalized Healthcare in the Palm of Your Hand

Avon, CT

They say that opportunity comes only a few times in one's lifetime. This is one of those times... This is a unique opportunity to become an owner in a healthcare technology and solutions company that intends to disrupt the global healthcare market through a new engagement paradigm that offers personalized care through artificial intelligence to continuously model and deliver optimal outcomes unique to each individual. This is a consumer-driven, subscription model that starts with giving each individual a personalized virtual expert, available on any smart device (e.g., phone, computer). This expert will learn continuously about that subscriber’s evolving health condition and personal story – from ongoing conversations with them and from other data permissioned to receive about them. Algorithms will optimize plans that enable each subscriber to live better with their conditions. The personalized networks involve families, communities, affiliated providers, top experts and coaches, and bring the point of care to the point of need helping to individualize and integrate both healthcare modeling and care delivery, continuously. This method of personalized healthcare is a game changer in the healthcare industry. Care as the individual defines it. Have a browser? A smart phone? Soon these may be all an individual needs to experience a new standard of care. To be able to live that story–thanks to a uniquely personal care plan for managing chronic conditions, integrating live experts and applications intended to make that possible. Imagine all of this, all in the palm of an individual's hand: • a personal advisor to help set achievable family goals • a single care plan that pulls together the experts to count on • a plan based on more of daily activities, not just medical needs • tools and advice to coach through better daily outcomes • prompt access to experts by web or phone • tracking for appointments, medications, tests, and procedures • safe connections to other people dealing with similar conditions • and much more, all working together to increase the quality of life, while introducing a new standard of care This is the next paradigm shift in healthcare. Inquire for more details.

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