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3Low Impact Forestry BusinessWildfire and disease Mitigation, Forest Health
Low Impact Forestry BusinessWildfire and disease Mitigation, Forest Health

Teller County, CO

Small one man operation, with occasional subcontract labor. Business has increased steadily over the last couple of years. All work is for private landowners, some are receiving grant money from the State or Federal Govt. Many of the current clients are on multi year plans. An increased awareness of the need for Forest Management over the last several years is driving demand for this type of business. This would be a great opportunity for a partnership or someone who is looking to move to Colorado and work in the mountains. With the amount of work I have scheduled and I am getting calls on a regular basis for more work, the new owner would be able to make back their initial investment in a couple of years. And the potential for growth and expansion is fairly high right now. All of my business is referral, I have not advertised. Because of the way we are set up the State and Federal offices are also including me in their referrals to landowners. The business is about 80% mechanized. Smaller equipment allows us to work small properties and larger properties where the land owner wants minimal impact. The workhorse is a ASV trackloader with several attachments, mulcher, grapple, shear. We also have a small cable yarder that allows us to work steep, rocky terrain and riparian areas where it is not feasible or practical to use equipment, or there is a need to minimize ground disturbance along creeks.

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