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6Experimac - Exciting new TECH franchise with a distinct NICHE!Computer, phone, tablet repair AND sale, buy, trade Apple devices.
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Experimac - Exciting new TECH franchise with a distinct NICHE!Computer, phone, tablet repair AND sale, buy, trade Apple devices.

Pueblo, CO

EVERYONE has a phone and a computer! And sooner or later, everyone needs their phone or computer repaired or replaced. Experimac is the place where people come to meet their phone, tablet, and computer needs. People commonly Google things like "Fix my iPhone", "Speed up my computer, Pueblo", or "Repair my Computer" and Google leads them to Experimac! Furthermore, Experimac is the only store in Southern Colorado that specializes in repairing, selling, trading and buying Apple computers, tablets, and phones. Our business is about a 50/50 split of device repairs and selling products. This provides a steady flow of customers, whether people are desperately in need of fixing their phone, or have extra cash to purchase an apple computer. Customers are confident in buying Experimac products because every product has been tested and certified, and they have a 90 day warranty. It's not like a pawn shop where you buy it "As Is" and then hope and pray it still works in a couple weeks. We pride ourselves in maintaining great online reviews through customer focused service and sales. We don't just do repairs, we can also upgrade computer RAM or swap out the hard drive for a Solid State Drive. We are in a position to provide just the right product for any customer's need. If we don't have exactly what the customer is looking for, we can order what they need from wholesalers, like a specific type of iPhone. Or, if a customer needs a computer with specific performance, our technicians can easily find and upgrade a computer on the wholesale market. This business is perfect for someone who wants to drop into a simple business to run that has the advantage of a clear competitive niche. There's all the common benefits of a franchise and it's simple enough that you don't need a large experienced team to keep it afloat! The Experimac franchise team is available to help with technical problems or marketing, but they are also very flexible and "hands-off" so the business owners have freedom to run the business as they see fit. The other great advantage of the business model is that it doesn't require a huge stream of customers or large expensive inventory to be profitable. The margins on phone repairs are very lucrative and there's limited competition in the Apple resale business space. A great advantage of this franchise business is the strong support from all the other owners. There's a Experimac owner's Facebook page where owners post daily with business or technical questions and answers, or suggestions on good wholesalers and even selling each other excess goods that they may have recently purchased from local sources. A great deal of online and face-to-face marketing and networking has already been done to get the store up and running since 2016. There are over 2300 customer's contact information loaded into Constant Contact for regular distribution of email advertisements. We also text customers a couple times of month to push out great deals in the store. The store location is one of the best locations possible in Pueblo, just off I25, visible from Hwy 50, capturing all the traffic of Lowe's, fast food restaurants, and many other nearby businesses. These are businesses with varied demographics so there are diverse customers being exposed to the business on a daily bases. Experimac has large visible signage and easy access to plenty of parking. The nearby phone stores are powerful complementary businesses which Experimac maintains a great relationship. Furthermore, the business has the backing and support of franchise for technical support and preferred wholesalers for repair parts and new products to sale. Experimac technicians don't have to be Apple certified or highly experienced when they come onboard. They have access to documented standard procedures to run the store and huge online instructional videos to assist with computer, tablet and phone repairs.

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