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MJ Profitable Grow Facility - Greenhouse Driven - Awesome YieldGrowth Potential! Over $3 Million Profit Projected 2019 and beyond!!
$8,000,000Cash Flow: $884,800
MJ Profitable Grow Facility - Greenhouse Driven - Awesome YieldGrowth Potential! Over $3 Million Profit Projected 2019 and beyond!!

Hartsel, CO

This business includes: 70 Acres of Land outside of Hartsel, CO 2 State-Of-The-Art Greenhouses (12,500 sq.ft each) Grow Licenses for Existing Greenhouses PLUS additional licenses for 2 more buildings The mountain location and elevation of the greenhouse buildings offer several advantages over greenhouses at lower elevations. Most importantly, the need for cooling, which is far more expensive than heating on annual basis, is eliminated for the entire year. Furthermore, at altitude, the intensity of natural light is greater, and when diffused through the most expensive and durable double wall polycarbonate cladding each building, this diffused light provides ideal growing conditions. In the winter, industrial sized desiccant dehumidifiers enable the tenant to not only control humidity (improving plant health by minimizing mold and PM) but also to minimize air exchanges at night when condensation is an issue. This minimizes the need to heat the air outside at night, reducing heating costs as well as the risk of shocking plants with cold air. Desiccant dehumidifiers operate at a lower cost in winter environments versus coil based units, and as dry air improves heating efficiency as latent heat becomes sensible heat. In the winter, the buildings, which are insulated on the north walls, are functionally air tight, enabling the use of CO2 to augment growing yields. Greenhouses have been constructed with proprietary state-of-the-art industrial environmental controls developed by Pacific Coast Automation on behalf of the property owner. The control system enables the tenant to control every circuit (lighting, pumps, irrigation valves, nutrient dosing channels, fans, vents, heaters, etc) and modify any environmental condition (temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, supplemental lighting) using a rules based PLC (programmable logic controller). Furthermore, the control panel can be accessed remotely via a secure encrypted VPN network, enabling the grower to receive text messages when out of spec environmental condition exists, and respond by adjusting controls using any ipad, tablet or smartphone. Please call (303) 809-6330 with inquiries on this listing. Full NDA and Proof of Funds ($4 Million+) will be required to obtain additional information on this listing.

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