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Highly Automated Concrete - Roads & Bike Paths
Highly Automated Concrete - Roads & Bike Paths

Fort Collins, CO

The company provides concrete roadways, curb and gutter, and bike paths. The local area is growing rapidly and upgrading older streets to meet public response for ADA improvements (American with Disabilities Act). Clients include local governments, large civil firms and developers. Company has modern equipment and agile staff. What's wrong with this photo? If you look closely, you'll see that there are no forms in place ahead of the machine (they own many different machines for different applications)... you will also notice there isn't a large crew of people (neither ahead of or behind the forming machine. This demonstrates a strategic investment that reaps many rewards. This very young company (only 7 years old), has grown and profited because of their core beliefs and a strategic plan. A belief that employees should be retained through the slow season and that better equipment will reduce labor costs and will attract better employees. They invested heavily in automated equipment. Where many other firms may have large teams of lower-wage employees this company deploys a very agile and highly skilled team. As they grew, they increased their capacity to take on much larger jobs with less competition. Today they can deliver jobs larger than their annual revenues of just a few years ago. Their reputation is stellar with their highly recurring clientele. Word-of-mouth advertising not only reaches new clients, but it also spreads among the workforce attracting skilled supervisors.

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