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6Fun/Fit Footwear Company RelocatableOver $110,000,000 Net Profit capable for next 3 years!
$12,000,000Cash Flow: $114,490,000Seller Financing
Fun/Fit Footwear Company RelocatableOver $110,000,000 Net Profit capable for next 3 years!

Morrison, CO

Hawaiian Jellys (HJEL) is exploding with a world's first, our newest "convertible" sandal that is taking the footwear market by storm. HJEL is a nearly seven year old company that has developed, marketed and gained global brand awareness and extremely high brand loyalty for a new type of highly innovative Fun/Fit orthotic sandals (flip-flops) and other related footwear. The company has done this in an extremely short time period with a limited budget. HJEL was founded in 2011 as an emerging provider of new, state of the art, ultra-comfort, while being healthy, footwear. HJEL began marketing its line of branded sandals late in July of 2013. In the spring of 2014, Hawaiian Jellys was featured on the cover of Delta Airline's SkyMall Magazine and in the world famous Moda Pelle Fashion Magazine of Milan, Italy. During the summer HJEL became an approved vendor for Amazon, Zulily, ShoeBuy, FootSmart, Flip-Flop Shops, Hammacher Schlemmer and many smaller brick and mortar stores as well as became a popular brand online. Hawaiian Jellys also received orders from Podiatrists nationwide who tried their product and were impressed that it was a great alternative for their patients suffering from various forms of foot problems. In just two years the company had gained worldwide recognition for its product and sales of over $1.4 Million Dollars and a contract with the NFL for private labeled, team logoed Hawaiian Jellys. Consumer demand for the Company’s flagship product was driven initially by the Company’s success in developing a flip-flop design that harmonizes style, fit, comfort and health at an attractive price point. Specifically, the Company addressed fundamental health and pain related problems through innovations in the forefoot, heel and arch of its branded "slip...aaahs" sandals. Through this differentiated flip-flop design, the Company has enjoyed increasingly strong brand awareness and sales from a number of leading retailers across multiple sales channels and even became an authorized vendor with Costco. Global recognition of the Hawaiian Jellys brand began as far away as Europe, Japan and Australia without any advertising or marketing whatsoever. In February of 2018 Hawaiian Jellys signed a contract with "AS SEEN ON TV" and Kevin Harrington (Billionaire/Founder) to launch a television ad campaign designed to directly market our newly patented "convertible" sandals nationwide. This national television direct ad campaign will begin July, 2018 and will continue through the Summer. With the "AS SEEN ON TV" label and the subsequent television ad campaign the company will garnish increased awareness and sales and plans to parlay that into contracts with a large number of major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, QVC etc. in the Fall/2018 for delivery Spring/2019. The company also delivered its first "Private Label" order to Four Seasons Hotels/Resorts in February, 2018 and is moving toward a worldwide contract for placement in rooms by Four Seasons. These direct-to-consumer large profit sales with the AS SEEN ON TV Company and National Television Advertising, along with associated branded contracts with major national retailers, Four Seasons Private Label in-room sales and upcoming potential approval by Medicare/Medicaid and other preventive medicine insurance systems in the U.S. along with strong international distributor interest could propel the company to an EBITDA of over $110 Million+ over the next three years total. To take full advantage of the above available market capabilities for HJEL and its innovative product line and keeping in mind the financial and managerial demands of such rapid growth, HJEL has decided to seek a merger or acquisition by a larger footwear company, a high net worth individual or investment company that is capable of carrying this to its full advantage.

3Food Cubby plate divider - kitchen gadget for all agesMulti use: Separates Food, Portion Control, Gets Food onto Utensil
Food Cubby plate divider - kitchen gadget for all agesMulti use: Separates Food, Portion Control, Gets Food onto Utensil

Golden, CO

The Food Cubby™ plate divider is a patented “article divider device” (No. #9737159) that suctions onto a surface – usually a plate – to solve 3 meal time challenges. It: 1) keeps food separated on a plate for picky eaters or those who don’t like foods to run into other foods, 2) fits ½ cup in its interior for portion control and 3) is used as a wall to push food onto utensils – for those with motor skill or occupational therapy challenges. The Food Cubby is a simple and “greener” alternative to plastic section plates since it works with plates you already own, and since it’s made of BPA-free silicone (and lead-free, phthalate-free) it doesn’t corrode like plastic does. It was invented by an 8-year old girls, and when it launched on The Grommet, we didn’t expect to sell out of our initial 1K inventory in a day. The simplicity and usefulness of the device was picked up by blogs and other media (RealSimple online, a couple of morning shows, several requests to appear on Shark Tank which we ended up declining since I as the mom of the inventor wasn’t prepared to take it that far, but ended up getting talked by ABC into going on their new Steve Harvey Funderdome show), but it was unexpected viral appearances on social media (getting 350K shares on a single post from a random guy with just a couple hundred followers) that made us realize we couldn’t keep going on our small at-home, kid-preneur scale. When we estimated annual sales based on initial market reaction, with some of market segments being: Kids under 5, People on Austism Spectrum, Elderly in Nursing Homes or Stroke Victims, Vision Disability, People needing Occupational Therapy, People with OCD, Cerebral Palsy, with just 0.5% sold to those populations, the potential annual customers were around 500K. However, we found that there are even more picky adult eaters than we imagined, and the number of people on Weight Watchers or using it for portion control was surprising! Check it out at Calculation based on what could likely be sold relatively easily in a year’s time and with low effort (Amazon fulfillment, fulfillment, and other online distributors), if we had the motivation to purchase more inventory: 20K two-packs sold via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): 20,000 * $6.71 (funds received after $5.28 FBA fees) = $134,400 less $50,000 COGS (@ $2.50 per in retail-ready 2-pack branded packaging) = $84,400 PROFIT (and I actually just found a much cheaper manufacturer, but don't like dealing with China!)

Highly Profitable Hydroponic Supply Business for Sale
$350,000Cash Flow: $120,000Seller Financing
Highly Profitable Hydroponic Supply Business for Sale

Denver, CO

Well-established and highly profitable hydroponic supply store for sale. By focusing on delivering great customer service, this business has been able to escape the industry pricing battles and establish a very loyal customer base of home growers. Store also has several commercial accounts. Store is fully stocked and ready for new owner to be profitable from day one. Owner is looking to sell in order to move and with the right buyer / offer may be willing to carry a portion of the sale in a note.

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