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Turnkey Ecommerce Business – 3 Year Track Record
Turnkey Ecommerce Business – 3 Year Track Record

Lakewood, CO

Own an online business with a proven product, lots of reviews, social media presence, inventory and fulfillment service. This business offers a product with perennial demand and unlimited sales growth potential for an owner dedicated to the business. The business owns one product: ClearFace AC - a natural vitamin supplement for acne. Website: ; its most active social media presence is on Instagram: General: This business sells its product directly via our proprietary website and The company started 3 years ago. It is an LLC whose assets include: cash, inventory, website, etc. Specifically, there is $2,300 cash in the business bank account and $5,500 in inventory, which is $7,800 in value before accounting for the business systems, brand, product, reviews, list of emails, future sales, and growth potential. The fulfillment arrangement (paid) takes care of all shipping- inventory is stored by a third party which means no boxes of product stored inside your home and no post office runs – everything is done for you. One sale means dollars in the bank without you taking any further action, so you can concentrate on business strategy, marketing, and putting money into your pocket. This business has no brick-and-mortar location, so it can be run as a home-based business. There are zero employees. Pre-existing relationships with cost-effective graphic designer and virtual assistant available and at your disposal. Bookkeeping system included. Growth and Sales: Web site sales growing at a rate of 23%. We have many happy customers and boast a 0.5% refund rate, which is well below industry averages. Our most dedicated customer has reordered our product 21 times and 26% of our customers have ordered two or more of the product. Marketing and Lead Generation: The business uses a systematized marketing plan, utilizing social media as one of the channels to find interested customers who try the product, post positive reviews, and purchase the product (individually or on a subscription basis). An experienced entrepreneur knows teams of people drive exponential growth - the business has an affiliate program already set up and integrated to grow this business to millions in revenue annually. Social Media: This business has an existing Instagram account with many organic positive reviews. There is a backlog of unposted positive reviews to help drive social proof and increase revenue. We also own the same Twitter and Facebook accounts. The website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles all match. This business is perfect for both seasoned entrepreneurs and first-time business owners in search of a turnkey opportunity. If you are at all interested in this business or want to learn the business name, industry, and details, please reach out.

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