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Established 7-11 Store for Sale
Established 7-11 Store for Sale

Denver, CO

7-11 store that has in business for 50 years. Good news is that the prospective buyer does not have to pay any rent, electricity, water usage at all. They just need to pay about ~$1600,00 a month maintenance fee which covers everything as far as any HVAC/Refrigeration problem, any interior/exterior building issues, as well as furniture and other fixtures, including equipment inside and outside the store. 7-11 will finance all the inventory. 7-11 can finance the Franchise Fee if buyer is qualified for up to 65% of the total value. Below are sum of the total and breakdown for prospective buyers, this may change a little because of increases or decreases in sales each month, but it will not exceeds one or two thousand dollars . Franchise Fee 7-Eleven ------$79,600 (this is the 7-Eleven portion) Goodwill ( Franchisee ) -----$42,500 (this is owner's portion) Inventory down Payment ---$20,000 Grand Opening Fee ---------$8,000 Change Fund ( Safe)--------$2,500 Buyers Total Investment ----$ 152,000 as of 6/04/2019 Here are some facts as of March 21, 2019: Merchandise Sale: $1,164,400 Merchandise GPF : $399,307 7-11 Charge: % Varies Gasoline Gallons: N/A The buyer will keep the $2500 and $20,000 for himself at his open account at 7-Eleven so actually he just invested $79,600+$42,500+$8000 = $129,500 but at the beginning of taking over the store the buyer needs to pay the total investment of $129,500 the buyers should go through 7-Eleven process which means: The steps the buyer should take: 1- Go to franchise 2-click on Franchising 101 3-click on Apply and go through their process , there are some financing option available for buyers but the owner's portion can not be financed. Let me know If you have any question or concern .

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