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3Food Cubby plate divider - kitchen gadget for all agesMulti use: Separates Food, Portion Control, Gets Food onto Utensil
Food Cubby plate divider - kitchen gadget for all agesMulti use: Separates Food, Portion Control, Gets Food onto Utensil

Golden, CO

The Food Cubby™ plate divider is a patented “article divider device” (No. #9737159) that suctions onto a surface – usually a plate – to solve 3 meal time challenges. It: 1) keeps food separated on a plate for picky eaters or those who don’t like foods to run into other foods, 2) fits ½ cup in its interior for portion control and 3) is used as a wall to push food onto utensils – for those with motor skill or occupational therapy challenges. The Food Cubby is a simple and “greener” alternative to plastic section plates since it works with plates you already own, and since it’s made of BPA-free silicone (and lead-free, phthalate-free) it doesn’t corrode like plastic does. It was invented by an 8-year old girls, and when it launched on The Grommet, we didn’t expect to sell out of our initial 1K inventory in a day. The simplicity and usefulness of the device was picked up by blogs and other media (RealSimple online, a couple of morning shows, several requests to appear on Shark Tank which we ended up declining since I as the mom of the inventor wasn’t prepared to take it that far, but ended up getting talked by ABC into going on their new Steve Harvey Funderdome show), but it was unexpected viral appearances on social media (getting 350K shares on a single post from a random guy with just a couple hundred followers) that made us realize we couldn’t keep going on our small at-home, kid-preneur scale. When we estimated annual sales based on initial market reaction, with some of market segments being: Kids under 5, People on Austism Spectrum, Elderly in Nursing Homes or Stroke Victims, Vision Disability, People needing Occupational Therapy, People with OCD, Cerebral Palsy, with just 0.5% sold to those populations, the potential annual customers were around 500K. However, we found that there are even more picky adult eaters than we imagined, and the number of people on Weight Watchers or using it for portion control was surprising! Check it out at Calculation based on what could likely be sold relatively easily in a year’s time and with low effort (Amazon fulfillment, fulfillment, and other online distributors), if we had the motivation to purchase more inventory: 20K two-packs sold via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): 20,000 * $6.71 (funds received after $5.28 FBA fees) = $134,400 less $50,000 COGS (@ $2.50 per in retail-ready 2-pack branded packaging) = $84,400 PROFIT (and I actually just found a much cheaper manufacturer, but don't like dealing with China!)

5Well Established Specialty Bird Food BusinessLoyal Customer Base & Consistent Year over Year Sales
$30,000 Cash Flow: $20,000 Seller Financing
Well Established Specialty Bird Food BusinessLoyal Customer Base & Consistent Year over Year Sales

Aurora, CO

Bird Street Bistro Extraordinary Foods for Extraordinary Birds. Naturally. Human grade, organic ingredients go into each of our products. Specially formulated to support bird health and well-being. Our products provide healthy options for stimulating the palette and mind of companion birds. Specialty companion bird food manufacturing and retail/distribution company with robust e-commerce and wholesale clientele. 6 brand-specific recipes produced in 4 sizes per recipe. Established in 2010, this e-commerce and wholesale business (front-range Colorado wholesale only) has proven itself year over year with consistent sales and profits. * 1,200+ online customers * 10+ wholesale customers including a major chain national pet supply retailer * Existing demand for wholesale across the nation as well(including Chicago) Ready to step into business with no/minimal experience needed to succeed.


Douglas County, CO


Profitable Specialty Food & Wine Business
$675,000 Cash Flow: $198,000
Profitable Specialty Food & Wine Business

Edwards, CO

This is a multifaceted and profitable specialty food & wine business. The anchor is the specialty meat and seafood retail business with a loyal following of local and part-time local customers. The café and wine specialty business augmented by retail sales of specialty cheeses and other items double the business from that strong start. The business has focused on the meat and seafood business and the café. The combination of premium meats and seafood handled correctly and presented effectively ensures a steady business from quality minded consumers and produces better margins than is typical for the sector. The café and specialty retail businesses enhance the average ticket and are a streamlined addition. Retailing the wines served in the café is a natural add-on sale. Please Note: Potential buyers will be asked to complete buyer registration, sign a non-disclosure, interview with broker and provide evidence of the means to complete a transaction of this size before additional confidential information will be provided.

Highly Successful Dream Dinners Franchise
$170,000 Cash Flow: $85,326 Seller Financing
Highly Successful Dream Dinners Franchise

Jefferson County, CO

This successful business opportunity is part of a nationally recognized Dream Dinners franchise brand. Anybody who eats will find value in this product and service. It has an outstanding customer base and reputation for its food quality, pricing structure, professional staff, and friendly environment, as verified by its outstanding customer satisfaction reviews. The company has a positive trend-line with increasing cash flow year over year!

Exceptional Distillery And Tasting Room With Real Estate
Exceptional Distillery And Tasting Room With Real Estate


Company, which opened its doors in 2016, is a premier distiller of high end spirits, including bourbon whiskey, rum, gin, and vodka under its iconic, federally trademarked brand. Company owns its 6,000 square foot distillery and tasting room, which is located in one of Colorado’s fastest growing cities. Facility includes a best in class distilling operation, plus a beautiful tasting room that is complete with a full bar & food license, table & patio seating, and a meeting room for private parties. Company wholesales and self-distributes its products to liquor stores, bars, and restaurants (retail locations) throughout Colorado. The Company expects strong growth in 2018 as its reputation for affordable, high quality products continues to permeate the market. In 2017, roughly 20% of revenue came from wholesale sales while the other 80% came from tasting room sales.

Event center/ Restaurant Bar in a Golf Course
$650,000Seller Financing
Event center/ Restaurant Bar in a Golf Course

Burlington, CO

Rare opportunity to own the Real Estate operating Restaurant and Bar situated in a golf course. A fabulous cash cow, away from rat race. Enjoy absolute country living and command an exceptional living by catering exclusively to city golf course and general public. Facility include 16,000 square foot with seating capacity of 450. Ideal for banquets, weddings, holiday gatherings and special occasions. Commercial kitchen with 2 full bars, dance floor, 4 commercial bathrooms and 2 additional bathrooms. The rental of pro shop brings in $900.00 for 6 months.

Chocolate Manufacturing & Catering Company
$149,000 Cash Flow: $42,000
Chocolate Manufacturing & Catering Company

Centennial, CO

For the past 15 years this very profitable high end well established Chocolate Catering Company has provided Colorado with the finest Chocolate Fondue Catering service available. They have built a very professional business with impeccable service. Their Kosher commercial kitchen is in place, licensed and County Health approved with a large warehouse providing distribution space. The sale includes a Trademark Logo along with a Food Cart that can be used at remote locations. This trusted Chocolate fountain caterer serves Denver's finest venues, major hotel chains, elite caterers and event planners as well as individuals planning weddings, proms, mitzvahs, special and corporate events. They have developed an extremely loyal customer base. The company is positioned for Franchising with one existing Franchise located on the East Coast but not currently being expanded.

Ice Cream Manufacturer with wholesale customers only
$425,000 Cash Flow: $148,127
Ice Cream Manufacturer with wholesale customers only

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, Colorado area This is an outstanding manufacturing business. This 31-year old company has one of the best-tasting ice cream products on the market. They have an amazing reputation throughout Colorado and their product is outstanding. They make many flavors of ice cream from A to Z. They work out of a 1,034- square foot facility and have additional refrigerated storage off-premises This company began operations in 1986 as a retail ice cream establishment and in 1995 replaced the retail business with 100% wholesale business. It was started from scratch by the current and only owner and continues through current date. Sales have remained steady with 2017 showing a reasonable increase over 2016 sales.

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