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3Clothes Mentor - Women's Fashions RESALERESALE is the hottest growing segment of retail in the USA
Clothes Mentor - Women's Fashions RESALERESALE is the hottest growing segment of retail in the USA

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(NOTE: Store Owner will provide Cash Flow and Financials.) One key to success in business is to fulfill a need or satisfy a desire. Women feel great when they look great. They know they can enjoy a much more affordable and diverse wardrobe, to look & feel great all of the time, by shopping at Clothes Mentor® stores. Starting in 2007, the Clothes Mentor franchise system grew from just 2 stores to 136 stores open in over 30 states today... Capitalizing on fulfilling that need/desire, Clothes Mentor has become the largest chain of Women's Fashions Resales stores in the country. RESALE is the hottest growing segment of retail in the USA. Here's your chance to take part in that success. How is Clothes Mentor different? • Please read the One-Page PDF in the ATTACHED DOCUMENTS section below. • You can also visit: https://www.ntyfranchise.com/clothes-mentor/ What do our store owner/ franchisees think about it? • View the brief video clip below. (YouTube) WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? • Higher Annual Sales Revenue Potential - while it's common to see many individually owned, non-franchise consignment stores see only around $200k per year in annual sales revenue, the majority of Clothes Mentor stores see annual sales revenues between $500,000 to $1,800,000. • The Hard Work is DONE - the store is built-out, the staff is trained and already has a relationship established with customers. • Buy this store for just a little more than starting up a new store - then focus on growing this already well performing store to the next level of performance. • Brand Recognition: This store is one of over 136+ Clothes Mentor stores in the USA - now with a national e-commerce platform for even more sales revenue opportunities. • Take advantage of BIG DATA - our stores benefit from a proprietary Point-of-Sale computer hardware/software system that collects data from our stores nation-wide. We pay our customers immediately, right over the counter, to buy their better brand, in-style & in great condition fashions. So, it's important to know what brand/style/color of items to buy and then what to resell them for... there's a built-in buying matrix. It's cloud-based too, so you can run reporting on your store remotely - even export your financial data easily into your book keeping software. This technology, to measure and maximize your business, is just a part of what really differentiates Clothes Mentor stores from competitors/imitators. • Don't Forget: IT'S FUN - because we are buying and selling apparel, shoes, and designer pursed every day - the inventory is ever dynamically changing. This keeps if fun and engaging for customers, staff, and you!

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