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5 Yrs. Ave Cash Flow $600K on $6M in Sales, $3.1M in Assets Debt Free
$2,000,000Cash Flow: $600,000Seller Financing
5 Yrs. Ave Cash Flow $600K on $6M in Sales, $3.1M in Assets Debt Free

Denver, CO

Just $1,500,000 down at closing gets over $3,000,000 in assets debt free. Denver Manufacturing Business For Sale: Critical Points to Understand: 100% Absentee-Owned – An On-Site Owner Can Do Much Better. The business has always been 100% absentee-owned, since 1977. In fact, the owner has worked full time at another company nearby. We have 23 great and loyal employees that run all day-to-day operations, but a business will NEVER be “pushed” unless there is an on-site owner. Absentee-owned businesses will never run optimally or as efficient as one where the owner in pushing it. In fact, in 2013 we cash-flowed over 1,200,000 on sale of $7,141,522, but no one was in there to push sales and marketing efforts when they fell in 2015-2017. This is all we need now. What We Manufacture and For Who: As you would imagine, large warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities need to store large quantities of products that are held either for short or long periods of time until they are shipped out. These warehousing, distribution and manufacturing facilities have between 10,000 – 1,000,000 square feet (or even 2MM-3MM SF in the case of Amazon, Walmart, of HD-type facilities) of storage space needed to hold products for a period. Holding as much product as possible is often critical for all these locations and is call “cubic utilization/maximization”. To squeeze square-footage in todays’ warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing locations, companies need to go “vertical”, now, more than ever to get the most product stored. This is where we come in. (Since 1977) Located in Denver, Colorado Business Sale: The Sales Price of the company is $2,000,000 but the seller will carry $500,000 of the $2,000,000 for a qualified buyer and will consider an “earn-out” for a portion of the sales price based upon gross sales performance going forward. This business will qualify for an SBA loan, but the buyer must have at least $1,000,0000 of their OWN liquid funds available to put down. Real Estate Sale: We are also selling the 6 acres of real estate including over 66,000 SF of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and office space. We are selling real estate for FMV or approx. $5,700,000. YOU MUST see the 45-minute video interview with the owner as well as a full facility walk-through in the data room above. Although the business has been run by employees from the start, the seller will stay on for 3-4 months (or however long the buyer wants) to ensure a smooth and orderly transfer of the entire company operations to the new owner and provide a solid blueprint and assistance for fast growth going forward. Critical Points to Understand: We manufacture high quality, durable cubic utilization equipment to suit most storage needs. Our main product lines are “Q Shelf” rivet shelving, “Q Rack” teardrop style pallet rack, and “Q Mezzanines” free standing storage platforms. We will use our Q Shelf and Q Rack products to design and support full mat mezzanines, elevated access walkways, and pick modules. We manufacture these products and systems in our 60,000 SF facility in Denver, Colorado. We have over $3,000,000 (cost) of solid manufacturing equipment that is included in the sale. The facility is very well laid-out and we have everything in place to produce over $12,000,000 – $16,000,000 in sales. The new owner needs nothing new to triple the sales, just more people and more materials. Financial Performance: Gross Sales and Cash Flow Declined Between 2015-2017 Due to “NO” Proactive Sales and Marketing Efforts: 2013 operating income was $1,160,360 (+Deprec. $52,055) on sales of $7,141,522 2014 operating income was $922,009 (+ Deprec. $63,567) on sales of $7,104,224 2015 operating income was $954,366 (+ Deprec. $71,914) on sales of $8,151,790 2016 operating income was $97,318 (+ Deprec. $86,069) on sales of $4,875,139 2017 operating LOSS was $288,056 on sales of $3,993,923 It should be very clear by looking at the figures above that the net income plus depreciation has been approximately $1 million to over $1.2 million on sales of $7.1 million to 8.2 million between 2013 and 2015. Gross sales fell to $4.9 million in 2016 and approximately $4 million in 2017. Notice that although sales fell by approximately 50% operating income fell substantially greater, as a percentage. In fact, in 2017 the business suffered a loss of approximately $400,000. It has been long known in this business and similar industries, that the business needs to gross about $6 million in sales to turn a decent profit and closer to $7 – $8 million in gross sales to generate about $1 million of net income. Simply put, this industry involves a great amount of overhead because of the large manufacturing facility, utilities, and employee base. Once the business begins to gross $8 – $10 million or more, a substantially greater portion of the incremental sales will fall to the bottom line as fixed costs are covered, and the primary variable costs such as raw materials and additional labor is relatively negligible. It is estimated that if the new owner got in there and increased gross sales by 50% above the 2014 high of $8.1 million, the business could cash flow over $3 million on sales of $12 million. The Fall in Sales the Past 3 Years: There are several reasons for the fall in sales from over $8,200,000 in 2015, down to $4,000,000 in 2017. First, up until now, we have only had 2 outside sales reps responsible for all our sales. Knowing each sales rep maxes-out at about $3,000,000/yr. in sales, we have always been stuck in the $7,000,000-$8,000,000 range because we never took the time (effort) to hire 2-3 new sales reps. Second, it is critical to understand that a business that is 100% absentee-owned will never perform nearly as well as one where there is an on-site owner watching the business and pushing it every day in sales, marketing, and business development. Also, the sales manager, retired last September (2017) after working 36 years in the company, he was 68 years old. Although he was a good and long-standing employee of the company, he never did push the small sales team of 2 reps much at all. (In fact, he was 1 of the 2 outside sales reps.) It is important to understand that in 2015 we considered selling the business, and he likely pulled back sales efforts. The two owners of the business, ages 69 and 79 respectively, have always been completely passive and never pushed the manager to grow the business, certainly after it fell in 2015-2016. It’s typical that when you’re going to sell your business, you tend not to work hard to procure new customers, especially when there is about a 12-month lag time between meeting customers and getting orders. In addition to the manager not pushing for new sales in 2016, the business lost several key customers including Dicks, Cabela’s Sporting Goods and Target. It is important to understand at this point that sales manager made a critical error of having too much of the sales connected to retail. Companies like Cabela’s, Dicks, Target and other retailers need material handling storage for their products in the retail outlets, however, this segment of the market ebbs and flows sharply. In our industry, the other segments of the market which should have been hot over the last 10 years is warehousing, manufacturing, and other material handling companies/operations. In hindsight, we should have been selling our racking, shelving and all other products we manufacture, to the enormous growth that has been taking place in wholesale distribution centers, warehousing, and small and large manufacturing facilities. More now than ever, they need to vertically-store finished products and other materials until they’re shipped on. The owner has also recently stated that another reason that nobody invested the energy to grow the sales is because they felt if the business were to be sold, the new owner would come in and determine which segments they wanted to push into and hire a new young, and more aggressive sales manager to pursue those markets. Again, bad planning and thus the 2016-2017 drop-off. Although the seller is completely removed from the business, it is very clear that a new motivated on-site owner-operator could get the business to over $10 million in annual sales within 2 to 3 years and cash flow at least $2 – $2.5 million, especially given that the business has no debt at all, and a very strong financial position. More good news, the company recently hired a very strong and experienced new sales rep who has a strong name and 15 years selling to the exact customers in our industry that we need to be targeting. He is very solid in selling to larger management distribution handling companies, i.e., warehouses, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers. This new rep should bring us at least $1,500,000 in the next 12 months, with at least $700,000 per year of that with a large national auto parts company that is expanding swiftly. This new sales employee has a long-standing relationship with this company and is confident that he can bring these annual sales figures in within the next 6 months or so. In addition to this sales rep bringing $700,000/yr. in sales from this source, we are confident that he can bring in at least another $1,000,000 in annual sales from other customers he has been selling to for the last 15+ years starting 2-3 years out. It should be made clear here that the average salesperson in our industry should bring in about $3 million year in sales. If new owner hires just 2 more new sales people within the next 6 months, we could likely get sales over $10,000,000/yr. starting 2019. We have always known that there are 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of new and existing customers that our 2 current reps and new reps could be calling on starting immediately, we just need someone to come in here and motivate and lead them. This has been something we never really had, at least in the last 4-5 years to speak of. To Summarize Our Biggest Mistakes and Path Going Forward: It’s critical to understand that during the last 10 years we became heavily reliant on the retail market which provides our products to retail facilities such as Cabela’s, Dicks and Target. The biggest mistake we ever made was keeping all our eggs in that basket and not taking some of the enormous profits from 2012 to 2015 and directing those profits into hiring a few new sales people and getting more distributors to sell Material Handling Equipment (MHE). If we did this, we would not have suffered a downturn in 2016 and 2017. Also, over the last 2 years sales fell largely because we reduced volume to our largest account, Cabela’s. We have already made efforts to shift into selling MHE through more distributors, but the new owner should put great emphasis in pushing into less more steady markets such as warehouses, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers. Going forward, the new owner should grow this area greatly which will not only produce much better margins, but also diversify our customer base away from relying on retail sales. What Makes Us Unique (Our Hook): Our design and production capabilities combined with our years of experience allow us to stand apart from other manufacturers who manufacture and install canned, off-the-shelf systems. Our customer base depends on our expertise and work ethic to design, manufacture and ship high quality storage products. With our customers’ projects across the US and Canada, we can provide our materials timely to meet critical deadlines and installation timelines. We provide “canned, generic, off-the-shelf AND Custom Systems: The key to our success (our hook) that our competitors don’t have because they provide “canned, off-the-shelf” systems that don’t fit every facility. We can design and build systems and solutions for any facility. Because we design systems tailored to the customer, we often compete against no one and thus we enjoy much higher margins vs. commoditized products. Also, because we custom design most systems for customers, we get ‘close to’ and build a relationship with the customer throughout the process and demonstrate a great expertise. This way when the time comes to write the order, they are unlikely to shop-it with another company. In fact, our close rate for customers that we design very high. We can manufacture virtually any storage and catwalk products for storage including: Rivet Shelving, Industrial Shelving, Bulk Shelving, Steel Shelving, Boltless Shelving, Record Storage Shelving, Selective Rack, Drive-In/Drive-Through Rack, Pushback Rack, Flow Rack, 3-Level Elevated Walkway System, Multilevel Pick Module, Rack Supported Storage Platform, Storage Platform, Lower Level – Supported Walkway System and Full Mat Storage Platform Installation. Another Area of Great Weakness: “We have not changed anything in our administrative or sales and marketing efforts in over 30 years”, says the owner. We have not at all made changes or really grew with the times, another downfall of being an absentee-owned company. Our manufacturing procedures and equipment are good, we have that down to a science, but all other “business” part of the company such and admin, sales, marketing, business development strategies, web-presence, etc. is still stuck back in the 1980s. Not only have we not changed much in the past 30 years, we have not even attempted to raise our prices or cut our costs in the past 10 years. It was once said, “it costs nothing to raise your prices, it all falls to the bottom line, so do it whenever you can”. In retrospect, while everyone else has been riding the economic wave and raising prices, and getting their business more efficient, we have done nothing in these areas. A new owner who is more hands-on can make immediate and dramatic improvements here. In fact, the owner recently had a full review of our operation conducted by an experienced industry professional who advises the Material Handling Manufacturing Industry on improving operations and can bring a wealth of knowledge and some great changes to our company immediately if the new owner is open to them. Please see the extensive 4-page detail on his short and long-term suggestions in order of importance and fasted return on effort/monies invested, as well as the 1-page letter from the owner covering more details. We have never had any significant web-presence and have done nothing to really get the name out there or brand the company. The seller is clear that there is a whole world out there of web-based sales where we could be selling the off-the-shelf-type products on a mass basis to many applications, but we haven’t taken 1 step in this area. Another thing we are maybe doing wrong is that we have never charged any upfront fees for designing or customizing systems for our customers. Oftentimes we fly out to a facility for a customer take measurements and consult with them, and then come back to the main office and spend a great deal of time designing a proposed system. Sometimes we do all that work, which can cost $5,000 or more, and a great deal of time invested, and in the end the customer may not buy the system. Occasionally they may even have a competitor build the system we designed for a cheaper price. We need to change this practice by charging an upfront fee of $5,000 or more to at least cover our costs and pay for some of the time associated with designing the proposed system. It is the owner’s opinion that people would not balk at paying perhaps $2,000 – $5,000 up front and it would weed out the lookie-loos just shopping us. It has been long known that people often “follow their money” when making ultimate spending decisions. However, it would only be practical to charge these upfront fees to direct customers, not existing material handing sales firms. We Can Use a New Racking Line to Cut Costs Dramatically: This will be the case, especially to grow above $12,000,000 in sales. This purchase is a no-brainer the seller says. See video for details on this. 2018 Is Looking Up Quite a Bit: 2018 gross sales have started out much better than this time last year, and with the recent sale rep brought on board, we think we have started to turn the corner. The New Owner Needs to Buy the Real Estate: Please see the video which details the entire 66,000 ft.² building on 6 acres which includes inability to greatly expand the manufacturing facility by building 1 or more buildings on the extra acreage. The seller is not interested in leasing the property since 1 of the passive partners is 79 years old and wants to cash out. They are a little flexible on the price for the real estate and will sell it for fair market value based upon comps which again, is it least $5,000,000. The real estate and building fits the business like a glove for many reasons given the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been invested in facility upgrades for utilities, electrical and overall infrastructure. In short, it took many years to position the equipment and set up the operations to maximize efficiency and minimize waste and steps between procedures to finalize products. Finally, it would be better to pay yourself a rent vs. the current owner, and this way you can enjoy the continued appreciation of the property going forward in a fast-growing area. In fact, the area has grown steadily over the last 30-40 years and is projected to continue to grow swiftly over the next 10 to 15 years given forecasts. Other facts: -85% of sales are through distributors and the other 15% is sold directly. -We have not manufactured or gone after the largest customers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, etc. These tend to be large generic systems that are more competitively-priced and have lower margins. Again, we prefer the niche we carved for small-to-mid-sized companies who need design-build custom solutions, better margins here. One of the 2 main owners visit the operation just 1-2 hours per week, the other owner never comes in. There Are No Negative Disclosable Items: The seller will give full and solid representations and warranties of the company’s overall standing with customers and suppliers etc. There are “no ghosts in this closet”! As stated above, we have NOT had 1 complaint for work completed that we did not fix, and we have never failed on a job in any respect. When something has gone wrong in the past or wasn’t done correctly, we have fixed it on our watch and our dime. 100% of our customers have been satisfied. We have had no legal battles or lawsuits or pending violations of any sort. We have no OSHA violations and we have always had an excellent safety record with virtually no injuries for at least the past 7-10 years. We take worker safety very seriously and the seller is 100% committed to sign for Reps and Warrantees that provides for a solid protection of the buyer in these areas. Company website: Please email if you have any specific question(s), path forward, or have potential interest in a phone all or face-to-face meeting with the owner/seller. The Big Picture: The Front Range, Colorado is fastest growing city in the US. Denver is going CRAZY! Simply put, Denver and the entire Front Range of Colorado is nothing short of the fastest-growing areas in the US. The macro story for construction and overall growth is extraordinary and has been this way for the past 5 decades. Ever during the 2008-2011 recession, Denver fell, but it didn’t fall as hard as most of the US and in the past 3-5 years had exploded forward faster than almost every other major city in the US.

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