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Hard Cider Mill - established distribution: refreshing & gluten free
$825,000Cash Flow: $200,000Seller Financing
Hard Cider Mill - established distribution: refreshing & gluten free

Boulder County, CO

Gluten-free hard cider is very refreshing and gluten free. It is a much lighter and healthier alternative to beer. The ABV (alcohol by volume) content is similar to beer at under 7%. Carbonation makes it much more refreshing than wine. While craft breweries and local wineries the market, hard cider is just establishing broad market acceptance. This scalable company has spent 5 years of R&D to establish high quality and many unique flavors. Over $300,000 has been invested in equipment to reduce the man-power needed for production, all is produced now with just one Cider Maker and one Office Manager. The company is now well-branded and has established a solid network of direct sales to retailers and through wholesale distribution. Product is shipped in kegs and in artfully designed cans. Company has successfully exported to a few states and can expand further. This is an ideal business for a family operation. Someone with good sales and marketing skills can continue the growth and tap into new markets. A quality and process driven person is needed to manage the production facility. This business does not need a large staff. This is also a great business to build and resell to a much larger firm once it achieves higher production levels. Production and Distribution is the most scalable part of this business; it can grow much, much larger. Another grand opportunity is to expand the on-site event center. Although this represents a small volume of the product sales and is the least scalable, it is very profitable and enjoyable.

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