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Territory available for amazingly unique opportunity!!!
Territory available for amazingly unique opportunity!!!

Boulder, CO

We are a global company that provides business opportunities to people all over the world to build out networks of locally based Indoor Digital Billboards which help small to medium sized businesses gain massive exposure in their communities. This exposure allows them to be top-of-mind in the community through this new way of advertising in the digital age. We create the technology and the graphics work, you get the locations and sell the ads! It's as simple as this. For every 5 locations we get for you for the indoor digital billboards, you only need to get 10 advertisers to be making a very nice profit. Then just duplicate this over and over again. There is a good chance that sales will be made on your screens by the others in the immediate territory as well. Should that happen you get paid off of that just by being the dealer that owns that territory. This is a unique opportunity to own your own territory in a booming industry while at the same time being connected to a much larger corporate network. Our corporate headquarters is located in Lakewood, CO. We are actively building out one of the largest local based digital signage networks in the world and this is your chance to own your own piece of it. This gives you the opportunity to own a small piece while at the same time selling like you are huge. We currently have existing locations in Boulder and will build out the rest for you. We will get you your first 10-25 starting locations and help you build after. You also have protected territory rights to all of or part of the Boulder area as well as being heavily supported from the corporate office. This is a goldmine waiting to happen, we just need the right person to execute. We are growing so fast in the Denver metro area (as well as nationally) that it doesn't make sense for us to spend our time in Boulder. We are looking to open up the amazing opportunity to the right person that has the desire, work ethic, and drive to expand our already tremendously successful network

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