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$10,000,000 Cash Flow: $2,500,000 Seller Financing
Tox and Pharmacogenetic Lab, 2.5M Net, Audited Books

Orange County, CA

Tox and Genetic Lab, 2.5M Net, Audited Books Very clean and attractive lab, good sellers, suitable and open for both, the partnership and straight sale. Two working owners, 20 full time, 5 part time employees. Monthly payroll $100,000. Lab size about 4,000 SF, monthly rent $6,000 (all included). Growing business, currently 3,000 tests/month (90% tox). For 3rd and 4th quarter planed 5,000 test/month: 30%tox, 20% PGx, 50% blood, 5% cancer. Contracts: First Care IPA (300 insurances, all except Cigna and Anthem)- 3 times Medicare rates, Blue Shield, Medicare. Inhouse billing, extremely effective, true trade mark. All equipment paid off (market value over $600,000). Seller willing to train and stay as management, or even partners

$10,000,000 Cash Flow: $3,000,000 Seller Financing
Clinical Laboratory, Contracts, X-Ray IDTF, Partnership possible

Los Angeles County, CA

Clinical Laboratory, with X-Ray IDTF included; Partnership possible. Established laboratory with lot of clients, specialties and contracts (Blue Cross and Blue Shield from "big 5").: Private, Medicare and Medi-Cal. 700 specimens per day. CLIA loaded with all specialties. Grossing monthly over $1,000,000, netting conservatively $200,000 per month with expansion potential to double business volume in 2018. Seller is therefore interested in partnership too. One full time owner, 90 full time, 66 part time employees payroll $420,000per month. Great team put together! Large, professional facility, over 10,000 SF, lease 3+3 years, rent $6,100/month - all included. Many drew stations: 4 stand alone, 30 in doctors offices. Big new accounts lined up in imminent future! Seller is willing, even preferring, to enter in temporary partnership agreement in order to boost the business before his ultimate retirement, couple years from now. As an extra perk, the business has a valid IDTF license for mobile X-ray diagnostics. The business has also a IDTF license to operate mobile X-ray diagnostics

$7,200,000 Cash Flow: $1,900,000 Seller Financing
Addiction Treatment Center – very profitable, $7M AR

Orange, CA

Residential Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Program, Rehabilitation Program, and Phase 3 Intensive Outpatient Counseling Program. Two years in business, with all licenses and certifications in good standings (DHCS Licenses and Joint Commission Certification). Business is a corporation renting three treatment houses plus office for administration and outpatient care. Three facilities are about 4,000 SF each, rent is $4,927, $9,858, and $14,793 per month respectively, all NNN in that price included, 2% per year increase. In addition to that, there is an office for administration and intensive outpatient, $1,600 per month, 1,500 SF. 30 employees, medical director in place, payroll about $70,000 per month. Furniture included is worth minimum $45,000. Sellers (two family members) need free resources for other business adventures – very motivated. Grossing $340,000, netting $158,000 per month. In price are included over $7,000,000 accounts receivables (collectability depends of owner strategy, but minimum 20%). Seller is open to carry note for the qualified buyers.

$2,500,000 Cash Flow: $530,000
Clinical Lab Management Services

San Bernardino County, CA

Growing business, has a long history of servicing the Laboratory industry. It was established its laboratory supply business back in 1989 and in 1996, it started its Laboratory Management Services division. It was one of the early entrants in this field and has established a solid reputation for quality and expert services in this field. It has a loyal base of clients today, providing solid, recurring revenue stream. The Lab management services has high gross and EBITDA margins. The Company’s overall revenues in the current year is projected to be around $3M this year, up from about $2.4M last year. Of this, Lab Management services is projected to bring in $2.2M in revenue and about $602K of EBITDA, whereas the Lab Distribution side of the business will contribute $800K and only about $32K of EBITDA. The Company signed up a new client for its management services in June, 2018 which will bring in $125K or revenue this year and $300K of additional revenue in future years. The Company’s Laboratory Management division has high margins (66% gross and 27% EBITDA) whereas the Distribution division has low margins (31% gross and 4% EBITDA). In the past, the Distribution has taken away some of the time and energy from growing the Management business. The Company has decided to focus much more on the Management business and that is beginning to bear fruit now as the Lab Management’s projected revenue for 2018 will be $2.2 M, up from $1.6 M last year, and forecasts a revenue of $2.8M in 2019 and $3.6M in 2020. This entails net gain of only about two clients a year. The seller is open to selling both the divisions or just the Management side of the business, depending on what the buyer would like. If the seller were to keep the Company without a sale, he would be divesting the Distribution side and focus exclusively on the Lab Management side. The seller also has a team in place that is experienced in this field. Company was founded in 1989 to distribute laboratory products and particularly products to clinical chemistry laboratories. This Laboratory Products group provides the labs with most commonly used reagents and equipment. It supplies products from 50 different vendors. The products cover: • Clinical Chemistry • Hematology • Immunoassays • Immunology • Rapid Tests • Analyzers • Consumables and Other Laboratory Supplies In 1996, Business branched out and created Laboratory Management Division to provide turn-key services to physician office laboratories (POLs). These services took the headache out of running the physician’s office labs for the Physicians Group Practices. Compliance Assistance for one fee. It is a win-win for both, Physicians Office Group and the seller’s company. Business provides growth in a niche area and an area where it enjoys high margins, limited competition, and a large potential market. Although the company is located in Southern California, it could be run from anywhere. The company is organized as a Subchapter S corporation and has 10 full-time employees out of which two are non-working family members. The business is currently housed in a building owned by the seller and occupies 6,450 square feet of warehouse and office space. The current rent is about $5,000 / month. This year, the management business will do about $2.2 M in revenue, compared to $1.6M last year and the EBITDA margin are increasing to 27% from 19% last year. With additional growth, they will continue to go higher. The Distribution business, which brings down the overall margins can be easily divested by the management and is up to the buyer whether they want to keep it or carve it out. KEY FEATURES • High Margins, and High Growth (strong interest currently in Drug Testing and Genetic Testing Labs) • Long-term contracts insure recording revenue and most of the clients continue renewing these contracts (they auto renew), as there is no reason to change if the service is good and they are making money • Model very scalable across the country • Can be relocated – one can run it from anywhere • Deep, long-term experience in the field • Large Potential Market of over 100,000 POLs, and particularly the subset of CLIA-waived Physician Office Labs (POLs), as well as anyone who wants to start a Clinical lab. • Experienced Management Team

$2,000,000 Cash Flow: $300,000
Famous Toxicology Lab, SAMHSA, Net, Absentee


This is not just another lab! This is a nationally leading forensic drug testing laboratory specializing in law enforcement, prison, corrections, probation departments, pain management, worker’s comp, work-place, pre-employment and labor departments drug testing programs.   Over 30 years in business. The laboratory has an unsurpassed protocol of quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) guaranteeing the accuracy of these results. The laboratory is a well recognized, Department of Health and Human Services/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (DHHS/SAMHSA), formerly NIDA, certified forensic drug testing laboratory. Laboratory is also an approved Medicare Provider. Seller owner free standing building of over 10,000 SF is also offered for sale ($1,000,000), but a friendly long lease of $1/SF is also possible. Lab is doing 15,000 tests per month currently (used to do more than 80,000 per month), with potential to multiply the business for younger and ambitions buyers, willing to learn assume this privileged location. The pricing multiple considers history and future potential and the quality of current accounts and current owners part time engagement. Excellent staff and $3M worth of equipment in place.

$1,200,000 Cash Flow: $400,000 Seller Financing
Clinical Research Company

Los Angeles, CA

This medical company is a full-service Site Management Organization (SMO) that conducts Preclinical, Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials in 12 therapeutic areas covering the full range of medical and scientific inquiry. The company have secured revenues for several years ahead, while also improving the gross sales margin, cash management and working capital. Since 1997 Company has conducted hundreds of clinical trials foe the various pharmaceutical and technology companies. Reason for sale is retirement, partnership possible.

$750,000 Seller Financing
Big Lab with CA and NV licenses

Las Vegas, NV

Full-service toxicology and clinical services laboratory accredited by COLA and CLIA with state-of-the-art equipment. Lab services include, but not limited to drug screening, drug confirmation, therapeutic drug monitoring, Hematology and Chemistry testing. The lab also provides monitored and observed pre-employment drug/lab testing. Lab is situated in an excellent free standing location with in a heavy populated area ideal for walk- in clients. It is about to sign some new contracts which will triple its volume load in next 3 months and is also adding new services. It is credentialed with state Medicaid, Medicare, and the DEA for forensic drug analysis. REVENUES: Current revenues are in the range of $1.2M per year but Lab is projecting annualized revenue to double within a year to $ 2.5 million. It is adding 2-3 clients a month and in the process of acquiring a large client. PRICE: The asking price for the business is $950K. The price is based on the time and asset investment, on the current revenue, as well on expected increased volume in the current year, and the future growth potential. However, negotiable price, sellers financing, and firs 6 months free rent is possible for qualified buyers. LEASE: 8,100 SQFT, $13,000/month plus NNN (free base rent for a while possible) EMPLYEES: Full time 11 employees, one Medical Director (will stay). EQUIPMENT HIGHLIGHTS: Equipment value about $1,700,000 in price included! CELLDYN 3700?SIEMENS CENTAUR?BECK ACCESS II?SEBIA ANALYZER?CLINTEX STAUS UA?PHLE BOTOMIST CHAIRS (4) TELEPHONE SYSTEM (24); OLYMPUS AU680 AGILENT 6430 TQ SHIMADZU GC ANALYZER REFRIGIRATORS (13) COMPUTERS (32) OFFICE FURNITURE (60) CAMERA EQUIPMENT (11) OLYMPUS AU400E?PEAK DUAL NITRO GENERATOR WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM INCUBATORS?PRINTERS (25)?SHARP MX 620N COPY MACHINE (2) CENTRIFUGES (6)

$560,000 Seller Financing
Clincal Laboratory, BC/BS contracts, Tox & Blood

Los Angeles County, CA

State, CLIA, Medicare, MediCal licenses... Medical, Medicare, PP/cash. Lab is located conveniently in the medical building in the middle of the SF-Valley, city of Encino. All accounts transferable, the licenses, unrestricted and in good standing. No legal issues. Old MediCal (before moratorium year 2001), all licenses in perfect standing. Has the lucrative State contract in place. Space 1,450 SF; $4,300/mo. (short lease, could be renewed).

Tox Lab, Medicare, LCMS, BioFire

Orange County, CA

Toxicology and Genetic lab, 150 tests per month, billing out of network, Motivated seller, who is the landlord and will provide superb lease and help with more account (since in medical business). 1 mass-spec, LIS and water system in price included. Medical Director and CLS shall stay. If you assume about 450K outstanding liabilities, you can buy this full equipped lab (LCMS for tox, Biofire for genetic) for very little down (closing costs). Seller will stay your landlord, very good lease. Seller wants to focus on own other businesses, the lab is in great shape, billing alone and growing

$270,000 Seller Financing
High Complexity Toxicology Laboratory, Full Equipped

Irvine, CA

Lab in OC, great setup and office, good lease, clean licenses. The lab has own billing LOI, bills out of network and performs also fee for service. Medicare provider status pending. Lab currently performs 200 tests per month currently, more coming. Must sell whole and partially (two partners, one wants out due other interests). Lot of good equipment, ready for high complexity tox-testing, with LCMS and all other excellent equipment. Base lease $4,300/month, (plus $016 NNN) for 3,272 SqFt. – very modern and fresh. Free parking. MD and CLS would stay, 3 part time employees, payroll $5,000/month Equipment is worth more than $400,000 including: Shimadzu LCMS8040, Olympus 400IU, Air Science Pure Vent Hood , Water System, VWR Centrifuge MICRO 1207, True Fridge, Peak Scientific Genuis Generator, UN1006 Argon Compressed 4.8HP Tank, APC 2200XL (Battery Under Table), Nexera Rack Changer LC-20AD, Taskara High End Scanner and Copier, Sky Lab LIS and Portal and 3 users, 3 DELL servers, Custom Designed Lab Tables.

Clinical lab with Chemistry and Pathology

Los Angeles, CA

Clinical laboratory with Chemistry and Pathology, CLIA license and equipment If you need a clinical lab with pathology and chemistry, with CLIA and Medicare, currently registered in Beverly Hills, you can get one immediately and save lot of hassle. Ready to go, medical director available, lease as long you need too. Ten years in business, clean licenses, with specialties: Bacteriology, Syphilis Serology, General Immunology, Routine Chemistry, Endocrinology, Hematology, Histopathology. Equipment included: Au 400e, Cell dyne 350, MlA 900, Complete lab System (Hex laboratory system) pathology microscope microbiology equipment, and more. Lease $3,200/month (plus $250 NNN), 1,100 SF.

Tox Lab Assets, 2 LCMS

San Bernardino, CA

Two Shimadzu LCMS, validated, LIS and other equipment. Laboratory on 3,100 SF, good lease, if needed. Medical building (20,000 SF) the lab is located is available for $2,800,000